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  1. traver

    450R key Elimination

    you dont need to cut anything. there is no battery so coil up the key / ignition wires and zip tie them under the plastic nose piece. the kill switch is still with your headlight mount. if you dont want that either then you can coil it under the hood as well. when you need lights, just pop the hood and slide the switch. you still need a motor kill switch. another option is to put the key out the side of the fender. and that will be your kill switch. leave the headlight switch coiled under the hood where you can get to it at ny time to turn on
  2. traver

    TRX and dunes questioon

    I wouldnt spend to much money on it, it will never be fast. get you the cheapest set of paddles, either sand stars or geckos for the rear. leave the fronts stock aired down to 5lbs., and leave the wrest of it alone. You want the bike to be reliable. it will still do decent. If you want performance you need to start with a raptor 350, z400 or a trx400. These are good "wife bikes" because they have room to tap some power later if needed. my wife rides a blaster 200. Once she figured how to ride it, I piped and jetted it. it is also a 2-stroke and shows much more benefit when un-corked.
  3. traver

    '04 DRZ400s....jetting questions

    so you paid him to not do what you told him to do? maybe you should have not paid and told him to finish what you were paying him $70 an hour to do!!!!!! The guy I bought my bike from saids he had it jetted by long beach motorsports. long story short: full yosh, no insert, 14 / 47 sprockets and all he did was turn the idle mix screw 5 turns out!!!!! stock main, pilot and needle with no airbox mod. It used to backfire like a 12 gauge shotgun!!!!
  4. traver

    Eddie... lil help

    im runing exactly the same except i'm on the 4th clip. I live at sea level and ride up to about 6500 ft
  5. traver

    Most difficult trail at Pozo?

    my rear is a 606 dunlop dot and since I popped the tube was thinking of upgrading. any ideas? the front is a 905f dunlop also seemed very crappy. my rear is a 120 was thinking 130 may be a better width? yes my drz is street legal, its an "s" model with the e gearing. I found my tire flat when we almost got to the bottom of the stairsteps and yes the trail you are talking about is mare spring, parked in turkey flats and the was i think navajo camp? some of the trails are very rutted out. there were quite a few people out and some guys on some ktm's railing all over the place!!!
  6. traver

    what my new stock exhaust worth?

    just gave mine away for $0.00 cost of shipining is it!!!! its junk to me and someone else here in cali needed it so its gone!!!!
  7. traver

    Most difficult trail at Pozo?

    well I made it back, laid my bike down 2-3 times, started trail (1) and pretty much did the perimiter, through some campground, across a creek and then more goat trail up this really chopped up steep crap that connected with a road on top. Yeah I didn't make it almost (2/3) my budy walked down and road it the rest of the way up. These goat trails are a work-out, I'm an advanced quad rider, but def. a rookie when it comes to this dirtbike tight trail stuff. There was (3) of us and I really slowed them down. 92' cr500, 2001 xr650r and me on my "dual spor"t getting owned by the trail. Oh yeah we almost made it to the "stair steps" and yeah I got a flat tire and had to dog it back to turkey flats campground (that was fun). I pretty much broke the new car smell of my bike though. All is good no broken bones!!!! matt, pismo
  8. traver

    Most difficult trail at Pozo?

    hey i,m meeting at turkey flats at 8:30 10/15/06 with some other guys. Looks like I will have to try that one out. Im in pismo matt
  9. needle nose vise grips locked on the screw head sideways, breaks free everytime!!!! Those screw are a pain in the a$*
  10. traver

    JD Jet Kit Vs. DJ Jet Kit & 3X3 Mod.

    I thought the headpipe was the restriction? anyways here is the sequence I followed: install per instructions: red needle middle clip (3) mix screw 2.5 160 main had a serging prob, so I called jd said go to clip position 4 on red (same) needle still serging in 1/4 - 3/4 throttle, called again, he asked if it did it before the mods, I said no, so he said blue needle clip (4) changed to blue needle, problem stopped. rode last weekend from 1200 -7000 feet in the sierra's no probs. at all. I live at sea level where I jetted it and run 91 does it handle wide open throttle ok? Any decel popping? Isn't jetting fun!!!!!!!!!! matt.
  11. full coverage on my bike is $200 on top of my policy with two newer vehicles, no deductible and high payouts 300k plus. Also include un-insured
  12. traver

    Need a stock muffler

    I'll get it out of the attic and figure out how to box it. Do you need the head pipe as well? I used to live in sac by the bird cage mall on greenback.
  13. this ones going south for sure!!!!! if you only crack a faucet open how much "flow" do you get? If you open it all the way does it increase even though it is still only a 5/8 or 3/4 hose? welcome to the site looks like you already know what your talking about!!!!!!
  14. traver

    Need a stock muffler

    where in cali are you I'm in San Luis obispo I have a 400s stocker in my attic you can have for shipping costs