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  1. stroked4

    Honda discontinuing 2 strokes???

    Even if it's true and they phase 'em out completely,I will never get rid of cr500.It's been the most reliable bike I've owned and a blast to ride.
  2. stroked4

    Works Pipe

    Because the factories have lots of money,they can afford to have new parts all the time.Take the plastics on their bikes for instance.....you won't see scuffed up shrouds and fenders.......they always look new.......they have to.Anyhow,do what you feel works......it's your bike.
  3. stroked4

    Works Pipe

    """"""The discoloration from heat is what the "weld marks" are. Naval jelly eats them like they are not there as does some of the lime and rust removers. Its easy enough to avoid the stuff you want to keep, but you have to be extremely careful to keep it looking good. We're not talking gnarly acid.....simple lime/rust remover that you would use on your shower.I use it all the time and my pipe looks like it did the day I got it.If it's a concern then use WD40 and lots of elbow grease.My pipe costs a whole lot more than mass- produced Pro Circuit or FMF pipes.And how can it be a "works"pipe when anyone can buy it right off the shelf?
  4. stroked4

    Works Pipe

    You're not gonna take off the weld marks.They use to make some stuff called "Pipe Brite",I'm not sure if they still make it or not.But I have hand- made pipe and I use lime away....that's how I know.Steel wool,Scotch Brite pads,.....they all work but you have to keep it oiled or it will rust.But lime and rust remover works the best,plus it takes off the discoloraion from the heat.
  5. stroked4

    what kind of bike is this?

    I know what kind of bike it is..........DISPOSABLE
  6. stroked4

    Works Pipe

    Keep it oiled.But should it rust up again,get some steel wool and some Lime- Away (you can find it pretty much anywhere.......only a couple bucks).Your pipe will look like new every time.
  7. I think this is my favorite thread so far.The title just says it all..........finally called the cops on me..........so obviously you're aware that your neighbors are fed up.So lets just push that envelope.I've seen kids in my neighborhood get their ass chewed by the cops even and they're back at it the next day. JUST DON'T GET IT
  8. "Thanks for watchin my back ma!"
  9. Apparently not as much as knowledgable 15yr olds.They won't walk the mile,they'll never live that long.
  10. I guess his parents never gave birth control a second thought......tie him to the bike and tape the throttle wide open
  11. I can't believe this thread is still going.......I had fun with it last night.Why stop a good thing.
  12. stroked4

    Bike trivia! I'm testing your bike knowledge.

    I'd have to agree with him,a YZ80.
  13. Why would you even post something like that when you know you're gonna get a ton of backlash?I love to be sarcastic around teenyboppers because they usually don't get it.Just like the genious squad I have rippin up and down my street every day-all day.Nobody wants to hear it.
  14. Who needs grammar when you make up words like TITE,SWEET,SICK.
  15. Well,it's been a fun thread but I gotta get up eary and watch my new Freestyle video.After that,I gotta get in some SWEET STREET MOTO and make uh few passes around the ol'block to show my skills. LATE!! (LATE means later in dumbass)