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  1. thanks, i've read that. In that post it says to screw the fuel screw in till the idle drops/misses, but if i turn the fs in to the point that the idle changes, it does not drop or miss, it rises..?? I am feeling i should try a #42 pilot, to get the fs setting between 1 to 2,5 turns out..
  2. I think it pulls better, but i still can not dial in a smooth idle..i installed the wb fuel screw, but i can't find a setting where the idle would not be uneven... ???
  3. Thanks alot! I will try your advice!
  4. My bike is stock except for the muffler.(SPES brand, same as DOMA) My jetting is: #165 main needle clip 4th #52 pilot jet (??) Stock fuel screw and position(i have the WB fuel-screw waiting) I bought the bike used, and i think the pilot jet is way too big, it kind of bogs when exiting tight corners. I ride at 0-999m elevation, and the weather is anything between +10c to +30c. What pilot jet size should i try? What is the stock size?
  5. Eikka

    2004 crf250r question

    well i found the cause for the metallic POWDER that was in the left side of the engine... It's somehow connected to my new left side cover that i had to replace because a rock pinched it. The rod that runs through the flywheel was rubbing on the lfs cover. This sure is weird.....
  6. Eikka

    2004 crf250r question

    15hrs is still considered break-in? If so, the i'll just keep riding it, and if something breaks, i guess i'll have to inspect what broke =) I've heard about those copper/bronze pieces that come from the crank ?spacer? and ?bearing? but the stuff i see is definitely not copper/bronze..I'll pull the left side cover off and check the strainer and oil filter just to be sure..
  7. Eikka

    2004 crf250r question

    Hi. I have an 04 with about 15hrs on the bike, and now i am seeing small shiny particles in my motor oil, some of those(1/10th)respond to a magnet, but not certainly all..only the "biggest" ones. What/where could those be from? What should i check and how? I am not afraid of the mechanical side, but the most i have done to a four- stroke is check the valve clearances. Thanks in advance! -Eino L./Helsinki,Finland