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  1. Mr Magoo

    2014 hot starting issues

    I am having similar problems. Thought it was me as not had a 2 wheeler for 7 years.
  2. Mr Magoo

    2014 CRF250r Air filter

    My first Honda 2 wheeler for a while , last one was a 1997 CR125R , 7 years ago. Anyways whats with the grease and double firescreen ? If I change to a Twin Air filter and "untab" the "XR" firescreen , do I need to change the settings for the EFI ?
  3. Mr Magoo

    2014 CRF250r for enduro's.

    Best ideas on mods to do for this style of racing. Starting with a new bike and want to get it right first build. Thinking of keeping the motor and exhaust stock for the moment and build protection for the bike.
  4. Mr Magoo

    Skid Plates

    Which is better , carbon fiber, ali or plastic ?
  5. Mr Magoo

    Honda Guy

    Looking to race XC,MX ,extreme enduro's and endurocross. Options to me are 2013 CRF450r , 2014 CRf250r and a 2014 CRF450r. Not heard alot about the air forks ,than what Dirt Rider magasine posted so 250r looks favorite. What would you choose ?
  6. Mr Magoo

    XR650r Conrod specs

    I am looking for the length of rod center to center and general info on a XR650r Conrod. It's for a 700xx crank project I am working on. The big end bearing seems to be the same and the little end pin is 1mm smaller on the XR than the xx. Thanks
  7. Mr Magoo

    XR650r Clutch Cushions

    Does anybody know where I can buy a set replacement clutch basket cushions/buffers for a XR650r? Looked on the web a couple of hours and done a search on this forum and could not find anything.
  8. Mr Magoo

    Lense tints

    Hi I am doing a floodlight night race on a speedway track and wondered what would be the best lense tint for Oakleys ? Cheers in advance.
  9. Mr Magoo

    Lightened Flywheel XR650L?

    I think I have found a flywheel that will do the job and thank you for the offer. If it does work , it maybe possible to build a XR650R Efi. I'll let you know how I get on.
  10. Mr Magoo

    Lightened Flywheel XR650L?

    Cheers Ace.
  11. Mr Magoo

    Lightened Flywheel XR650L?

    You can actually make it handle as good or better than a 450r . I had a built 450r before the 700xx. But would like some answers to the questions rather than why !
  12. Mr Magoo

    Lightened Flywheel XR650L?

    Looking for measurements of a xr650r flywheel. Inside / outside diameter .
  13. Mr Magoo

    Lightened Flywheel XR650L?

    The 700xx engine is a cross breed between the XRL and XR650R. I want to use most of the XRL ignition and mount it on the 700xx motor. I could use the 650R ignition but has no provisions for a battery and does not have the mounting holes for the starter ring gear/one way clutch.
  14. Mr Magoo

    Lightened Flywheel XR650L?

    Building a MX/TT setup and need simplify things and lose alot of weight. The Efi system is ok but not a great system.It has its faults.
  15. Mr Magoo

    Lightened Flywheel XR650L?

    Hi I am working on a pet project on TRX700xx. The motor is basically a cross breed between the XR650l and XR650r. I want to run a XRL ignition system or at least try. The XRL has the pulse pickup on the crank near the cam chain and the 700xx has on the outside of the flywheel. So the question is could the XRL flywheel be machined down 0.125" and have lobes on the flywheel . This would recreate the pulse pick up ,the same as the XRL. I hope this makes sense and thank you for any help.