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    NewBrunswick, Canada

    i would be up for that trip as well, just have to mount the dirty wheels.
  2. 2XS

    2011 300 xcw whooped already?

    what would i look for, to find the pin that is missing? I still havent given up on the idea of a 300, so im hoping that is what the issue was
  3. 2XS

    2011 300 xcw whooped already?

    not completely stock, not sure what the previous guy did, but basics are covered im street legal, so those speeds are usually blasting down a dirt road to get to a trail, when i ride from the house. Being in eastern canada we deal with snow and our tight summertime playspots(in the mountains); so from december to april we are relagated to open atv trails close to the water, or dirt roads. Not my favorite terrain, but better then putting it away for a couple months
  4. 2XS

    2011 300 xcw whooped already?

    definately not lugging it, was on the pipe, but seemed to no rev like i expected as the revs climbed. almost like the power was dropping off in a hurry. they said middle spring(what ever that meant), gnarly pipe, and i had a bar mounted map switch, but tried it in both settings, and stock gearing. i talked to the previous owner, and he said it was jetted for the setup, and he has been riding 2t's for 20 years so i assume he knew what he was doing. it did have a golf ball sized dent in the large part of the exp chamber, but being in that big an area i didnt think it would affect it that much I beleive you, because i keep reading about these bikes being exactly like that, that is why i posted, because im wondering what went wrong, and debating if this bike is really worth it. On another note, i was at the ktm dealer today, looking at the new 500xcw, and man does it feel light compared to my bike also
  5. so i have been researching/reading for a couple months here wanting to move from my crf 450x, to a 2 stroke. Really shooting for a 250 i think, but then i just got a chance to ride a 2011 xcw with 140 hrs, and a gnarly pipe. I was really dissappointed with the lack of power after reading all the comments of how a 300 would just dump you if not careful with the throttle, but this was absolutely not the case on this bike. 3rd gear and beyond required major clutch work to wheelie, and it long stretches i never felt i was having to hold on to stand going through the gears. My comment when i took it back(a few hrs of riding) to the dealer was it never really scared me like my bike does trying the same crap. Im no knocking ktm, and still think a want a 2t because of all the other stuff it did so well, that the crf pales in comparison to, so im wondering if at 140 hrs would it be beyond needing a rebuild and thats why it seemed to be lacking power? top speed was also 137km/hr that in the same stretch i can do 160+ on my x. My problem is i like a certain section of bermed s-turns we have at the start of our trails, going in a bit slower, and comming out ham fisted, wheel in the air, and i missed that part of it. From everything i read, i thought it would have done that alot better then my x
  6. 2XS

    tail light issue

    thanks K, just hoping for the best
  7. 2XS

    tail light issue

    the headlight works correctly, would that have any effect on the ecm? meaning fried for sure:banghead:
  8. 2XS

    tail light issue

    since i have had this bike it has had the taillight on a switch that you physically had to turn on to get the light to work(street legal kit from previous owner) it is wired direct to the battery so while taking care of other issues, i thought i would put it back correct, but when i plug the factory light into the black and grey, it wont work anymore. the fsm doesnt really go into much detail on the tailight wiring and trouble shooting. anyone had this issue and solved it?
  9. just frustrated with crap going wrong on this bike, after my 450r being so reliable. I wouldnt drive a yamaha, not so much because of the brand but the local dealers, and not interested in tank either, they are no fun it tight stuff
  10. not likely, my 450r has been super reliable on my maintenance schedule
  11. so today i checked the valves, and both intakes are tight, so i will have to investigate that further. The starter had the wire come off a brush, even though the brush looks in good shape. I did take the shock out and cycle the suspension. at its tightest spot i have about 1/4 inch of play, so i guess i was running it on the loose side.
  12. oh and the chain i measure center of pin half way back the swingarm while on a stand. 1 3/8 inches play from pushed down, to lifted up tight, correct? and fuel mileage is good, usually getting 150kms(95miles) on a stock tank to dry
  13. ride is usually 2-250 kms(150 miles) and out every weekend, alot of times both days. not sure on the valves this time, because i havent taken it apart to check, thats todays project, but could be the issue. the brakes, maybe im dragging them, no on purpose, i will keep that in mind when i do the rear tire i put a wrench between the sprocket and chain and turn till its snug, then measure with digital calipers from the block to the back of the swingarm and make that distance the same, is that a correct way to do it? I may be hard on clutch baskets, but not clutch plates. I have yet to every swap the clutch plates/fibers. I had them out last weekend,and they are still within fsm specs. and do know to put the sharp edge down. one thing i do notice is that the fsm makes a distinction for 2 of the fibers that are different. the clutch is what came with it when i bought it and all the fibers are the same. I dont slide the clutch, or clutch up wheelies and my r that i have had for 6+ years has never needed clutch plates either. maybe something else im doing wrong? The biggest thing is i am comparing it to my r which is an 02, and i have had alot longer. it doesnt bog, doesnt wear the brake funny, and has been super reliable with kibblewhites,for 700 hrs, I did a piston and ring in it 20 hrs ago, and the valves still hadnt moved. not trying to argue here, just elaborate to see if im doing something else wrong
  14. i own a 450r and a 450x. Mainly riding the x because of the easy button, but this year it seems everything is going wrong, and im just curious as to wether i need to expect this as routine wearout of parts, or just bad luck The bike already has stainless valves installed mid last season, along with a new piston and rings. so far this season i am at 7000kms, but fed up, and thinking its time to swap to a cheaper bike to ride. and i rotate one of 3 air filters every ride, drop the oil every ride, and change the oil filter every other ride. chain is lubed at the end of every ride/cleaning, and bike is always left clean. i also go over it looking for loose or broken parts here has been this years issues. I seem to wear out a clutch basket every year.... so to start the year i bought a barnett with the stainless sleeves. at the same time i also changed the leak jet to a 50, and did a flex fuel screw, new chain and sprockets, and redid all the street legal wiring. so instantly the bike wont start on the button, so i spend o month and a bunch of teardowns before i find out that the barnett is not machined correctly, and is actually contacting the sprocket for the one way bearing. during this time, i kept thinking it was something that i did to the carb, so i lost a month chasing this. Clutch cable snapped during a ride, and ws a long way home... hydraulic clutch seems like a good idea after that one finally swapped the basket for a new stocker, and the noise i thought i heard in the engine was gone, but still wouldnt estart. found out the one way bearing was seized in the housing it rides in, and it was all scored, probably from the barnett putting pressure on it. new one goes in, and it starts on the button again, but i should have swapped out the housing because it was scored also. now my bike still has that low rpm bog when you wack the throttle that will almost send you over the bars, i have never gotten that one figured out. I went through 2 chains, 2 rear sprockets, and am on my 5th front, and getting due for another my rear brake pads are wearing on an angle, so i bought a new carrier, which helped the problem, but didnt fix it, they just go longer before wearing weird. its now cold, and the thing takes half an hour to get going, kicking it again because the starter quit, going to check valves again, but it seems to flood right off the bat. i have done both front and rear bearings in the wheels,and next that needs attention is linkage bearings. I guess my main gripes are the clutch baskets, starting issues, and rear brakes. i counted 9 sets of rear brakes on the shelf from this year. I love the bike when it works, just it is breaking the bank trying to keep it that way, so here is the questions... are clutch baskets that fragile that i cant get a season out of it? what am i missing with respect to the rear pads that makes them wear on an angle so that i dont get any life out of them any ideas on the start issue? my 450r is 2 pumps of the throttle, pull choke and a couple kicks and your off, even in alot colder weather is it just time to update to something newer,lighter,faster
  15. 2XS

    thinking of defecting

    I currently ride a crf 450x with lots of toys, and a 450r that has been setup for motard. I much prefer to play on tight trails, but have problems keeping up with my buddies on their little 2st bikes till it opens back up again. As soon as it does, im easily on their pace or better I had been considering either a ktm 200, or 250, but my dealer just took in a 2011 300 xcw. In talking to him, he says it is the as good as the smaller bikes, but with more power/speed like my 450's. It has been a real long time since i have ridden a 2t, and i hate to loose the fun factor when you get on the gas hard. also my dealer has been kind of steering me away from the smaller bikes. For anyone that rides a good 450 also, do you miss anything, power wise with the 300? and for the guys riding the 200/250, how differnt will it be from the 300 in handling, and power Thanks