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  1. mxmat813

    2015 INFO?

    http://youtu.be/U0QO0vw6Eh0 Anyone seen this?
  2. mxmat813


    Racer, would you mind posting or pm'ing me what you settled with for a setting on your 11? I'd appreciate it! I'm running a merge knuckle, rising rate pressure springs, and one .50 fork spring (tried both, way to stiff, was loosing the frong end in every turn unless I set the compression -17 clicks). I'm tearing my stuff apart this weekend to change the oil and wouldn't mind ajusting the stacks to see what difference they make. Thanks in advance!
  3. mxmat813

    My first DIY Revalve

    Thanks Jusa!
  4. mxmat813

    My first DIY Revalve

    I started at 350ml and adding .25 at a time last year. Without measuring I'm going to guess I ended up at 360. I did a lot of searching at it seems people are all leaning towards more rebound in the rear. Also, regarding fluids, I went and picked up seals and bushings at my local honda shop last night and was hoping the had silkolene, but they recomended kyb k2c. Anyone ran this? Is it what comes stock. Thanks again!
  5. mxmat813

    My first DIY Revalve

    Thanks for the replys guys. Doing all this myself is new to me, so I appreciate all the knowledge I can gain. I've always done my own fork seals/oil changes, but the rest seems like taboo to me.
  6. mxmat813

    My first DIY Revalve

    Hey guy’s, I’m getting ready to attempt my first revalve and just looking for some direction on my shim stacks. Here’s a little background. The bike is a 2011 CRF 450. It has the Merge racing knuckle to lower the back, and fix the vague front end feel while entering corners (worked awesome). It has rising rate pressure springs. I have one stock (.47 ) fork spring, and one (.50) spring for a spring rate of .485. I tried running .50’s in both sides but couldn’t get the front end to hold traction through flat corners without backing the compression out all the way. Rear shock is stock except for the knuckle. I’m 170lb (sans gear) Vet A motocross. Here are my settings that I settled on for racing last year: Shock 106mm sag LSC -4 HSC-2 Reb -11 Fork C -8 R -12 I spent more time getting the suspension dialed on this bike than on any other bike I’ve ever owned, and I have it pretty good, I just have a few complaints. First, the rear shock blows threw the last part of the stroke and bottoms. Second, the forks also blow through the stroke on square edge holes. Here is what the valving in it now looks like fork rebound 4 - 20.12 14.12 18.12 16.12 14.15 12.15 2 - 11.3 b Fork comp. 19 - 32.12 30.12 28.12 26.12 24.12 22.12 20.12 18.15 16.15 4 - 14.25b plate 2 - 11.25 18.12 3 - 22.12 Shock com. 10 - 44.2 13 - 42.15 40.2 38.2 36.2 34.2 32.2 30.2 26.2 2 - 22.3b Shock reb. 4 - 40.2 28.12 40.3 38.3 36.3 34.3 32.3 30.3 28.3 26.3b I’m thinking about maybe starting with the stock 2012 valving specs, but looking for some opinions first. Thanks in advance gentlemen!
  7. mxmat813

    12-11-11 FL's Area51 PICS

    Nice! Is that a camera mounted on your rear fender?
  8. mxmat813

    Winter maintenance

    Just wondering what some of you guys do to your bikes when the snow starts to fly? I have an '11 CRF 450 with just over 50 hours showing on the ticker. Local track is having practice this weekend (usually motocross season is over at the end of October in NY, but the mild fall is pushing riding season nearly into December!) After this ride I plan on taking all the plastic off and giving it a good washing, and putting it in the basement until my Florida trip in February. My to do list before that inculdes: Top End Clutch and Throttle cables New clutch fibers, springs, and steels (6 spring already installed) repack exhaust (hasn't been done yet ) Rebuild suspension Grease bearings What's your thoughts on replacing the valves, springs and keepers while I'm in there? Cam chain? Anything else? Bike is stricly ridden for motocross, but I'm good about filter and oil changes. What are you're winter rituals? Gotta have something to get you threw these short, grey days!
  9. mxmat813

    Area 51 Batavia, NY

    Thanks guy's, the track is actually down the road a little further than the old Batavia track. I think Silveraoles use to run the old facility.
  10. + 25B second moto. They ran us with +25A and Collegeboy. I won the plus 25B but obviously a few of the A guys and Collegeboy kids made me look dumb. Camera doesn't do the track justice.
  11. My bad guy's, 06+ I went from an 05 (valve's were like butter) to an 07, which was flawless, best bike I've ever owned. I knew somewhere in there they went to a different material, sorry I didn't include 06's in my original post.
  12. IMO, valves are a non-issue for 07+ CRF 450's.
  13. mxmat813

    New track in Cohocton, NY

    Oh yeah, it's doable. That thing has been haunting me in my sleep! There was about 3 guys there doing it that day. I'll probably sac up next time and hit it. I got a bad habit of jumping everything at a track in the first 4 laps, and if I don't jump it in 4 laps then I just don't do it the rest of the day. I race Vet B and nobody else in the class is doing it so I had no real push. Actually, nobody else in the Vet class was doing that step-up triple either and that thing was easy.
  14. mxmat813

    New track in Cohocton, NY

    It was there first time being open so it's kinda hard to compare to Area 51. To be honest Area 51 is probably one of the best tracks I've ever ridden. Area has better dirt and is tilled a lot deeper.
  15. Sick Bros. MX opened a new track in Cohocton, NY. It's got a lot of off camber turns and hills. As you know helmet cams don't do the off camber and ruts justice. Really nice track, check it out if you get a chance. http://youtu.be/OknB7K7pvRk?hd=1