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  1. i like to buy one let me know thank tom tommiller67@msn.com 864 918 0004
  2. can i see pic of your stock exhaust thank tom the us exhaust look not the same
  3. hi what dose your stock pip look like uk web site for suzuki is not same as the usa web site tkank tom
  4. how much 864 918 0004 thank tom
  5. 06 DRZ 400 E 14 47 Chain & Sprocket Kits THE SAME AS 07 DRZ 400 SM 15 41 WILL IT BOLT UP & HOW FAST WILL IT BE ON TOP EN
  6. fcr 39 carb what make and model do i get i have 07 drz400 sm will it be a plug & play thank tom
  7. my 07 Sm 504mi on it all good. new tall lights look good. looking in to get more HP!!!!!!! BIGGER CARB TALL PIPE EXEC