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  1. classic! nice helmet cam setup, the image quality is fine. could have done without the bon jovi though dude...
  2. Reed is in a weird place, and loney...
  3. Wallacey's a perv!
  4. good point, and if true, thats sad...
  5. wow, what a dreamy ride! great pics...
  6. i agree, big deal, the bike needs a little work. sounds like you weren't performing valve checks on a regular basis or you would have found the problem earlier... your smallest feeler gauge is 2mm? i would never sell my x just cause it needs valvework or a new topend
  7. ?! that's cause they are called fastway not raceway i love mine. use em in lowboy position & don't have a problem with them dragging any more than any other footpeg...
  8. 5angels4me It sounds like you've already changed the fuel, if not... fresh fuel, fresh fuel, fresh fuel... This may sound silly, but your bike may not fire with old fuel in it. It seems as though everything else is covered in this thread. Apart from that, what kind of dealership can't get a new bike started? They suck! Too bad you had to experience that. Good luck getting her going! All this work will pay off when your hubby gets to finally ride it.
  9. nice pics kawiscooter, where in Alaska did you say those pics were taken? those were awesome. just moved here, don't know the area well yet...
  10. kevxr congrats on # 6000, you seem very wise as your quote summed up my life
  11. or duct tape your hand to the throttle in the vertical position & force yourself to ride sitting down. this will teach you 2 things: to be smooth with your left hand young grasshopper and respect for the x! respect the x
  12. right on slugboy! i agree wolfman, i felt bad for dropping 7200 on mine in '05. but after the first weekend of riding it, well, the cost means nothing... the sxxt eating grin means everything. what a bike!
  13. i just moved to alaska from mich, at - 20f or colder i don't know if the jd jetting kit will help all that much... untill the bike gets a heated garage, placing a 400w halogen work lamp about 4 - 6 inch. from the engines left side for an hour or two works wonders. make sure the 'hotspot' from the lamp isn't close to any plastic.