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  1. Rear end of spring scrapes against springarm.Seems to have setteled down after two rides.My riders sag is still the same as with the standard shock 118.The adjusting collar is nearly at the limit going by the owners manual .I am 220lbs the spring sits sweetly on the collars its not upside down.Have i put it on wrong.Any ideas.
  2. Hey ryan dont know if my meassage went through ,let me know. cheers.
  3. c,mon out there
  4. Cheers
  5. Anyone..
  6. Hi there,i have just put a new rear spring on my bike 06 xr650r.When i tighten spring it seems touch the rear of the swingarm and scrapes it.11kg spring eilbach.Any suggestions please.
  7. Can you help,new to dirt bike seen.Ineed tips on how to change rear spring on 06 xr650r.Got the spring loose locking and adjusting ring at the top,What next.