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  1. i put kibblewhite SS valves in a about 4 yrs ago and they are still going strong, i ride it pretty hard and in that time its done a lot of trail riding, several sand and enduro events too. i would highly reccomend stainless valves if you want longevity
  2. anyone have any ideas on this one??
  3. I have come to change the stem seals on my 04 crf250 which has kibblewhite valves, springs retainers etc installed. So i have ripped the old ones out and fitted new genuine honda items, however because i have kibblehwite valve springs, (2 springs per valve)the inner spring binds on the stem seals. Are there any other seals that are compatible, because i live in the UK and its going cost $40 to deliver 4 seals!
  4. i bin s/s valves in well over a year ago, had the seats re-cut and havent had to touch them since
  5. kirk is right, if its a 'clicking' noise you are hearing then is most likely the decompression lever. my cam chain tensioner failed, fortuantley at low revs and i stopped immideatly. the consequences of a tensioner failure are quite severe, so i would say if you are in any doubt, shell out for a new one. i have no experience with the manual tensioners but im sure someone does?
  6. someone may be able to correct me on this, but as far as i know, the igntion timing is non-adjustable. the quickest way to check the igntion system in general is to remove the spark plug, earth it somewhere (rocker cover bolt etc) and kick the bike over to check for a good spark
  7. I have been doubtful about the oil pressure for a while now. i have noticed that there is some scoring on the front and rear of the cylinder caused by the piston skirt, i have already had to re-hone it twice. As the piston and cylinder is well within tolernaces i presume its being caused by lack of lubrication. I took the rocker cover off today and kicked it over and the only noticable oil was being thrown up by the cam chain. I then put it back together and started it up and removed the plug in the right hand side of the cylinder head and i could see the decompresor cam whizzing round but only a very small amount of oil popped out. Should oil be gushing out or is there any other way of checking oil pressure?
  8. i have been riding for years without using the clutch, and i have never had a gearbox problem. i occasionaly use the clutch on downshifts, but thats just to smoothen things out a bit and stop the back end stepping out
  9. no me neither?
  10. just rmove the whole tensioner
  11. O dear you wern't kidding, will be cheaper to buy a new head ha ha
  12. Does anyone know where i can get one for a crf? considering i live in the uk.
  13. Yamaha py50, need i say more...
  14. can the head be skimmed? because surely this would lead to increased compression
  15. after i installed my kibblewhite set i hade to increase the idle aswel, wouldnt worry about it