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  1. No updates? What link is working for weatherman?
  2. Great race and interesting results. Now in points, what are the forecast for the 1000? It is easy for KTM or Kawi a win equals 1x plate. But if honda wins and one of the other 2 teams finish second, what are the chances that they will keep the 1x ?
  3. And how difficult will it be for honda to beat the two teams and get The 1x if they win the 1000? Come on scotty how is it going over there?
  4. if 1x or 4x wins how will the points be for the 1000??
  5. Is 102 at 8 min behind 1x leading??
  6. Where are the updates?
  7. 40 min of snow boarding and 10 min of Baja.... 40 min of surfing and 10 min of Baja... Its for sure a California dude.
  8. Drz 400r..........!!!!!
  9. I'm still trying to digest all this . I been out for a while but I think it needs a close and keep it for the records. I liked those dog pics.. don't take it off. Paz and Cabo to all the road is wide and we all can fit on it.
  10. Come on Chilly, those whoops in SF have been without use for months so they should be nice. Great news dude.
  11. I'm having surgery next week. And Probably they took the best atraction of baja tours. check this one
  12. Hay mucho amor en TT.....
  13. Nice pics!!
  14. The shop where they biuld those tanks are a couple of blocks from my dad's house in Mexico. I'm going to ask the to see if they can get me one for the 1000.
  15. I remember that on a baja 500 I went to pick up my cousing at the ER in Ensenada. It was about 10am when they brought in one of the 60's rider. He had a get off and needed some sutures on his head. When they finish the suture he got up asking for his bike. He wanted to continue the race. I asked him what he was thinking and told me I need to finish the race. He took off and actualy finish.. Those guys are great...