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    Taller Rider Help?

    I'm 6'4" also and run the KX High (Pro Taper 108mm) bars. Used to have the Tusk risers from RockyMountainATV.com, which worked great, but recently purchased the GPR2.0 Stabilizer. The "2.0" is a sub-mount (under bar) and that setup alone is another 15-20mm higher than the Tusk Riser full-stack. One thing you might also look at is the controls. Chances are your levers are too "flat". Meaning when you stand up on the bike you may be having to push your palms/wrists down in order to pull the clutch/front brake. Roll your levers forward (move them down) so they're easier to reach while standing. Once you get that, work hard on only using a finger (or two) to pull the clutch/fr brake. This helped me a TON with arm pump and fatigue...it's hard to get used to though.
  2. Crash212

    Clay Peaks race

    I do. On both forums.
  3. Crash212

    Clay Peaks race

    Something doesn't make sense with the Overall results. 'Charlz' completed 3 laps, and finished 6 spots behind me....and I finished almost 20 minutes AFTER he did. I did 5 laps...confirmed by my friends in the pits. But I don't remember seeing anyone check/staple my tag at the finish line other than clipping off the zip tie. But that could have been me halucinating all together. Tresa how many laps did you get in? 5? I'm pretty sure you and I were pretty close to each other the whole time with exception of the last half of the last lap. Oh well....an awesome course regardless.
  4. Crash212

    Clay Peaks race

    Tresa did awesome! I spent most of the race staring at her back tire....and butt-patch! I remembered thinking, "what is HOT PIPES (ooops)? What a weird patch for a guy"! Little did I know....she's an awesome rider. Period. I had to find her and shake her hand after it was all said and done. I also got 2nd in my Class....Unlimited B's (...of course there are only like 6 guys in my Class...). Thanks for getting me through! Mark, you're a lucky guy. I need new riding buddies.....anybody?