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  1. shouldn't the shop have seen that the chain was hitting(if it was) when they adjusted the valves?
  2. i didn't go down very hard and i don't have the vibrating issue anymore. after getting the valves adjusted it has felt fine. not sure if that was the fix but im not complaining.
  3. well i finally had time to adjust my valves. there is no vibrating but when i rev it up it hangs in the rpms and eventually come back down, maybe. it was doing this before i had the valves adjusted. what the hell would be the problem now, would it be electrical or maybe something in the carb?
  4. would it stll be a half hour job even if i never have taken apart the bike before?
  5. i landed on the left side of the bike. so the exhaust was fine. the breather hose was fine. i haven't checked the valve clearances. if the valve clearance was off would that make the bike vibrate more?
  6. take some video of you riding and look at your stance when you are coming up to the jump. video is the best thing for me. you should be in the attack position when going up the jump. try and find that neutral zone where you are not leaning to far back or to for forward. also are you keeping the gas on all the way through the jump and a little passed. that may be your problem to holding the gas passed the jump will bring your rear end down some.
  7. i have an 07yz250f and i went down in a turn picked up the bike and when i kicked it over i heard a loud click like metal to metal hitting. i kicked it again and no noise it started right up. a few minutes later i felt my bike vibrating more than usual. so i just stopped riding. any ideas on what could make the vibration worse? thanks
  8. well sure enough i fell during the race this weekend but the brakes didn't lock up this time. i guess all they needed was some lube to keep them sliding i guess, i am going to take it apart one more time beacuse there was a lot of dirt all over my bike and i just want to be sure its fine. oh yeah if you have a k&n air filter make sure its tight. the spacer that goes on the inside of it made its way all the way through the air boot to the carb and got stuck in the valve of the carb holding my gas (as i come to a corner) WIDE OPEN!!! yeah scary feeling!!!
  9. well i looked over everything and everything looks good to me i put WD40 around the pistons and then put more brake fluid in and pressed in the brake as hard as i could. it didn't get stuck so i am hoping this will fix it. i know i can't simulate the force of a fall but i tried to get them to lock up i am out of ideas and everyone gave me good things to look at so we shall see how the race goes. if i happen to fall and it locks up oh man i will be sooo pissed.
  10. yeah i am using the stock brake pads and stock brake line nothing is wrong with either one. i am going to take the mc apart and see what i can try and fix today
  11. what would i use to grease up the pistons with?
  12. i have searched and didn't find what i was looking for. here is my problem, every time i fall to the right (like when the bike washes out) my front brake lever will get pushed in pretty far and my brakes will get locked up or drag really bad. when i try to pull the lever in when i get the bike back up it is very stiff and the only way i can fix it is to try and ride it back to the pits or have someone bring a wrench and bleed the brakes. i have a race coming up this weekend and don't want this problem to happen if i do fall. any ideas anyone? oh and my bike is an 07 yz250f
  13. is the white bros II exhaust really worth buying? i am wanting to put an exhaust and was looking at this particular one and just wanted some input on it. my bike is an 07 yz250f with a power now and a quick shot 2 accelerator pump cover.
  14. i use the power now and quick shot 2 accelerator pump cover and that was the most difference i have ever felt with a bolt on power adder.
  15. just go to the yamaha web site, you can compare them side by side