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    if money was not a concern what would SM would u build

    i have owned my Aprilia 550 for 2 weeks now. and i have to say its the most impressive SM bike i have owned or ridden. i built a 2004 Honda CRF450 and had about $10k in it. at $8699 the Aprilia is a no brainer. i took it to the track on monday and knocked 1.5 seconds off my lap times on my first session out. it does everything the jap bikes do, only better. ive been roadracing for 13 yrs, and in that amount of time ive played with a lot SM bikes, but none of them put a smile on my face as big as the Aprilia. needless to say... Im stoked that i decided to buy the Aprilia ! Thanks for all the help and support from the guys at AF1 Racing, the Aprilia dealer in New Braunsfels, TX. those guys are the shit !