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  1. ttugrad, Thanks for the data. I found the same, but was thinking if it was dissassembled I could get it below the shipping restrictions: Box for engine, frame, suspensions, wheels, etc. The cost shouldn't be to bad, $500. I agree with the local buy idea, but there is no dealers over here. I am in Saudi Arabia, and despite that these guys have some of the best riding areas in the world, they don't ride. Cheers, Joe
  2. Hey Guys, Have any of you ever taken apart and shipped a dirt bike using USPS? I know it absolutely sounds absurd; however, I am US Military stationed overseas, and the only way for me to get my bike is to send it via USPS to my APO address. FedEx, UPS, shipping companies are not an option. The only option is to take it apart and ship it via USPS. The bike is a KTM 300XC Questions: 1. How many boxes do you reckon it will take? 2. Any special packing recommendations? 3. Any experience with a whole bike or bike components would be very appreciated? Cheers, An Bike addicted military man
  3. Retz

    HELP...Can't fix bog

    The old banana in the tail pipe trick
  4. Retz

    HELP...Can't fix bog

    I FINALLY SOLVED IT. It wasn't as complicated as it seemed. I have an aftermarket exhaust with a spark arrestor installed. The packing material pulled through the core and stacked up against the spark arrestor. I pulled the spark arrestor off, and that is when I found the problem. 30 min later, I cleaned the old packing out, put new in, and the bike was running awesome. Thanks for everyone's help and ideas.
  5. Retz

    HELP...Can't fix bog

    Chris/William, Good ideas, I will check those and let you know.
  6. Retz

    HELP...Can't fix bog

    1. Tested the Neutral switch, as well as tried running the bike with and without it connected. No Change 2. Already have a QS2 3. The AP test fine. Gives a good 6-7 ft squirt when the carb is twisted to the side. 4. Needle is brand new 5. O-ring is on the fuel screw 6. Hot start has a new screw (billet) and is seating good 7. It never gets to a ceiling. As soon as a roll a 1/4 throttle, it just quits increasing in power, makes a missing sound and makes no power. This is so frustrating that I can't fix this thing. Thanks for everyones ideas and help...any other ideas b/c I have tried all the above with no success.
  7. Retz

    HELP...Can't fix bog

    He would help me but he is on the other side of the country. All the carb changes have not changed a thing. The odd thing is that it just started doing this while riding. It was running great, then all of a sudden it looses all of its power. Question: If it was the leak jet or AP, I would eventually power through it and get full power right? I can't get more than 10% power. Question: I do I test the Voltage/Amps coming out of the stator? There are no specs for that. I have tested the ohms across all the electronics per the book, and it all works good. Thanks
  8. 05 YZ250F low hours Okay, I am totally lost. I have had this bike since new and have been trying to fix it for the last 1.5 years (off and on). JD Jett Kit Fresh engine built by Pro Wrench New coil New plug When I turn the throttle more than 10% it totally bogs out, and never powers through the bog. I started by cleaning the carb and re-jetting. I bought a JD jet kit and jetted per there instructions. I am located in Las Vegas, NV (1800'). It doesn't seem to matter the temp, it runs shitty all year. Also, I added a QS2. The carb is totally clean and the accelerator pump test good. I adjusted the MJ and clip in multiple positions with no help. When the carb didn't clear it up, I went to the top end. A friend of mine who is a factory mechanic rebuilt my engine for me (complete). I sent the engine to him, so he never got to see it run. The fresh engine didn't fix it. I did a resistance test on all the electrical components per the manual. The coil failed. I replaced the coil/cap thinking it wasn't getting a complete spark. That didn't help. I must of tested it incorrectly b/c the new one tested the same. I unplugged the TPS and that didn't help. The only component left is the stator. Before I spend big bucks on a new one. Could this be my problem? How do I test to know for sure if the stator is not producing enough power for a good spark? Any other ideas? Thanks for your help, I am totally out of ideas...and totally frustrated. Joe
  9. Retz

    Bogging out at 1/4 throttle

    Yea, I just replaced it with a JD jet kit.
  10. Retz

    Bogging out at 1/4 throttle

    Yep, I took it off no problem. I just didn't know if there was anything in the carb that could be seized, or is the plunger the only mechanism in the hot start system?
  11. 05 Yz250f Anytime above 1/4 it bogs out and runs very rough. When I push in the hot start when it is running it doesn't change in performance. Is it possible that the hot start is stuck open? If so, how do I check? What is the fix? Thanks for the help
  12. Retz

    What goes here on engine?

    7 answers in no time flat. You guys rock. Thanks
  13. Bike: 05 YZ250F I just finished putting the bike together. Unfortunately, I took it apart prior to going to Iraq 5 months ago. So I had to jog the memory on a few parts. The only thing I wasn't able to figure out is pictured below. What (if anything) attaches here? It is not in the manual or in any of the schematics. What you are looking at is the front of the engine. I am concerned with the 2 empty screw holes. If nothing goes there do I just put screws in it? Thanks in advance for the help Also, what about this screw hole on the top of the cylinder?
  14. Hey Guys. Thanks for all the help. I retrieved the spring and returned it to its proper spot. I opened the crankcase cover and luckily there it was at the bottom of the case. I used my "Operation" skillz from the childhood game and retrieved it with some long tweezers. Thanks again for all the help and pics. You guys rock.