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  1. by cuts out do you mean misfires or jerks back and forth. At 1/4 throttle your needle is mostly controlloing the amount of fuel delivered to the engine, but your changing to a smaller jet also would have changed the amount of fuel so if there was no difference I would suspect electrical.
  2. You think this is confusing you should try to deal with rotax engines. For example there is the 377, which is an odd enough number as it is, and then it's not even 377 cc but 368. Dang austrians.
  3. 1. There is snow in Australia? 2. You arent riding in snow until you've sunk it up to the swing arm because "it doesn't look so deep over there."
  4. Are you really serious about oil being dumped on the ground, because I have never seen anyone doing that, and anyone who does deserves a smack upside the head.
  5. on the brake issue for my bike I had to adjust the brake almost all the way down to get it into a comfortable position, it might work for you.
  6. Try putting reflective tape on the bottom of the tank, that should deflect some heat.
  7. You might have trouble getting on to the 450, but that is true of almost any bike above an 85. That being said the only 85 I ever rode felt way crazier than my 450, even though it made less power. If you're responsible with the throttle a 450 won't bite.
  8. I would reccomend selling some gas too if no one is selling it close to the track.
  9. To me the only time a two stroke sounds good is when there is 3 cylinders or more.
  10. You should be fine getting it welded seeing as how it is not a stress fracture, if by some chance it is a stress crack do not get it welded as the aluminum surrounding it would be weakened and just break a little ways away from the weld.
  11. It's pretty low for someone to berate a customers bike. It's even lower when it is one their employer sells. Should have told them where to shove it but I guess its a little late for that now. I say screw 'em and have fun riding.
  12. I've been real impressed with my 450X so far and I think most people who have owned one will agree that it is a really great bike.
  13. You need a solvent to completely get rid of filter residue, and kerosene will work quite well.
  14. It sopunds like a vacuum is buiding up when you are using your choke, and then being released when you flip it off. I have no clue why this would happen though.
  15. I feel your pain, I have a new 07 450x and there is still 2 feet of snow around here.Not much chance of it getting ridden for another few months too.