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  1. Your avatar really is kinda HOT for some, not that there's anything wrong with that.
  2. That stench will stick around like cat piss on polyester
  3. Great to hear and thanks for posting
  4. Site still must be messed up. It's only showing me for 10 points and I'm much better than that !!
  5. Yes that had to be painful for Musquin, I know it was hard for me to watch.
  6. IMO Dungey is still on it but Tomac is just owning it at the moment. RD has retirement in sight and after seeing KRoc go down and that damage he hasn't been the same since. 'Personally, I understand it.
  7. Worth the wait. That's one sick helmet. What did that one set you back?
  8. Everything considered Chris is a VERY lucky man. That was one of the worst hits I've ever seen.
  9. It's strictly volunteer, Give the guys a break, they always come through. Besides I'm sure i'm top 5 by now
  10. My disbelief of the JS is God has gotten me in trouble on vital. B doesn't care for me to much.
  11. The only Stewart that has a shot at the main is Ronnie
  12. Rowing machine is good. It hits everything.
  13. Supercross

    No way man, it's all about me this season. Low hour bike, been putting in the time at the gym. Wear your chest protectors guys !!
  14. I don't have the DT1 cleaner, what if any household cleaners will work.
  15. I have the Dragons and they are great. I'm slow so I know first hand they can take so roost.