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  1. so after having my oil cooler collect about an inch of dust i finally decided to put it on. While i was putting it on i looked at how the gasket matched up to the new head plate and the head. It seemed like it was covering the oil passages on the head plate a little bit but i put it on anyways and now its leaking oil right at that gasket. If anybody has put one on and had the same problem or anything like it, show a little love and help a brother out.
  2. ahhh thanks. prbobly be ordering one when i get my paycheck next week
  3. why u cant run a 140 kit in the x2 only the x2r
  4. whats the differerence between the x2 and the x2r
  5. I went to the staggs web site and was checking out the 125 x2 and was wondering if anybody has one or has heard if they are good bikes.