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  1. rossoe

    Installing Gorilla alarm on S

    Just been told this by a pro alarm fitter : So where else to fit a compact alarm unit ???
  2. rossoe

    someone stole my pride and joy !!!!

    Jesus that's good ! I'm 28 but only had 1 years NC, I could get cheaper insurance on my MR2 turbo than I could on that damn DRZ, never made any sense ? the front fairing above the light has 4 holes drilled through it, ready for a wind screen. and it's got crash covers on the engine casing.
  3. rossoe

    someone stole my pride and joy !!!!

    Cheers guys South West London - Twickenham area. I only have third party insurance ! fire and theft was about £800 !!! I won't be scrimping on that again. 3 grand down the drain. DAMN I feel sick there's only a 25% recovery rate for motorbikes so I'm not likely to see her again.
  4. Black DRZ 400SM Reg RN55 LFW was taken right out of my garden last night between 9pm and 12 midnight ! I'm gutted, I have to ride on a vespa now it's got a distinctive aluminium rack on the back with a scorpion race can (red logo) and black crash bungs on the wheels. everyone use their chains !! I left mine off tonight, only had rear disc lock and front wheel lock engaged.
  5. rossoe

    Yet another puncture

    I must be not having a good run with tyres, had another puncture immediately after buying brand new Pilot powers this time I noticed fairly quick and only rode it half a mile on a completely flat rear, my question is will I have done too much damage to the structure of the tyre after such a short distance ? last time I had a flat rear I rode it all the way home 5 miles, and the garage said the tyre would be damaged from the pressure of the rims and I'd best get a brand new one right now I just want to find the nail or hole and make sure there isn't anything left in the tyre and stick a new inner tube in it, but I'm concerned about the integrity of this pilot power now !
  6. rossoe

    Pulled the baffle on my Scorpion can

    just a slip on, the header is stock and no 3x3 mod
  7. and my god does it sound nice ! but I was just a bit worried that I would be affecting fueling or running too lean/rich I have not done any other mods to air filter or anything else, so can I keep the baffle out or is it wise to put it back. I assume the fuel consumption would not be that affected by taking the baffle out ?
  8. rossoe

    about time for new tires

    Just bought a new pair of Pilot powers for mine, my current pilot's have done over 6 thousand miles and the rear has just about had it. I love this tyre
  9. rossoe

    Can You Ride "2 U"p On A Drz?

    ride all the time with the girl sitting pretty at the back, she loves it. but does complain about sore butt on longer runs - may get a F650GS to sort that. out of interest what pressure do people run their tyres at with 2up ?
  10. Apparently the vibrations are hard to deal with without rubber on the rear pegs over 80mph soooo any tips on other pegs that will fit straight on, that already have some rubber attached ? I've heard rv125 pegs may be an option, but bit hard to find
  11. My own fault as I could see the pipe was pointing right at the edge of the number plate, but It didn't want to sit right with the massive spacer they gave us in the kit ! how do you angle the end can when the mid pipe doesn't seem to allow for the correct position ? I'm also guessing the tyre would hit my can under full compression as it's too far over to the left, not that I'm going to be jumping the SM
  12. rossoe

    drz400 mirrors

    Those duke mirror's look sweet, I'm gonna look into getting some - I like the way they stay in line with the end of the bar, pretty important in city carving through the traffic - esp London * just called ktm dealer in peterborough the mirrors are only £15.90 each side but he wasn't sure if it's 10mm thread and said it might need the ktm bracket that it threads into !
  13. rossoe

    loose chain

    it's done nearly 5000 miles - looking a bit ratty, I just see all the advertising photo's with tight looking chains and get worried. it's set as per manual 5.5 to 6cm slack. think I might get myself a new chain and sprocket set. Anyone in UK know where to get a good deal on DID?
  14. rossoe

    loose chain

    When you look at the SM without rider on is the chain meant to sag slightly? I've tightended it twice in 4 weeks and it just keeps looking looser and looser !!
  15. rossoe

    salt is eating my spokes

    Do Suzuki sell them ? or are they only an aftermarket thing ?