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  1. silver04rs

    Post Pics Of Your Supermoto!!

    That RMZ looks good
  2. silver04rs

    Post Pics Of Your Supermoto!!

    Just picked er up last week, and some new wheels and tires yesterday 07 KTM 525 EXC- SM... and yes she has a plate and lives in CA, life is good Travis
  3. So like the title says I just bought a new bike.... rode it around town for a hour went home changed the oil/ filters and packed up my gear The next day I headed out to Johnson Valley (OHV PARK) and putted around for a while and tehn started actually riding the dam thing. After a while of riding soem 1st and 2nd gear trails my bike started spitting coolant all over the place what should I do? I want a bike that is bulletproof and I had heard nothing bad about the KTMs before. Im used to my POS DRZ and how happy it was to be abused all teh time.... now my new bike cant hang with some easy trails what does this thing need.... help!!!! and heres a pic from last weekend on a rental bike at Grange Thanks Travis B
  4. silver04rs

    07 525exc

    I just got a 525 yesterday as well... this thing just makes my old DRZ feel like a kids bike
  5. silver04rs

    black or yellow?

    My bike is black and I like it... other times I wish I had got a yellow bike and done full MX graphics on it though kinda a toss up, guess I need a new set of plastics fo my bike
  6. silver04rs

    Here it is.......The Ti on at last.....

    what did the pipe cost through TT?
  7. what do you mean that sucked.. he screwed up twice that night and they were bothe great guess he scrubbed the finish line jump just a tad too much... LOL
  8. silver04rs

    Need taller setup for DRZ400E

    Imnot sure what your looking for here. Lowering pegs is not the best idea s they already drag onteh ground when the bike is being ridden hard.... I have a SM and I drag mine on teh asphalt all teh time Just get those claps I poste dearlier and some new bars and you shoudl be OK..... I know when I have a fe wextra buckes thats where Im headed with my money
  9. silver04rs

    New to SoCal...

    youll be spending most your tme at Lake Elsinore MX tracx. Just go north on teh 15, make a left on bundy.... make a right at teh light by the gas station, and a left at teh next light and follow the signs I dont really ride dirt much anymore but its a great track if you do have fun and when you buy a SM bike hit me up Travis
  10. silver04rs

    $$ i want a DR-Z 400 SM! $$

    Im in CA and I have been thinking of upgrading to a KTM. If your interested E mail at silver04rs@yahoo.com and Ill give you all the details. Travis Brock
  11. silver04rs

    Need taller setup for DRZ400E

    I have a similar thread going right now, heres what I got from someone http://www.wheelingcyclesupply.com/shop?action=category&cat_id=69
  12. silver04rs

    Bike feels small to me

    Thankyou!!!! This is exactly what Im looking for Does anyone know teh differance between the 2 models on here? The write up is teh same, but Im guessing the holes are for differant size bars...... guess I will just call forrest Tavis
  13. And I though I was teh only one..... I had only read positive reviwes when I bought mine
  14. silver04rs

    round mirrors

    I have this mirror on my bike and love it. I keep it folded down 99.9% of the tiem and it follows the contour of the bar perfectly now I know your thinking why have a mirror if you dont use it... cause of teh cops. Its just there for when I get pulled over But if you want a mirror that actually works dont buy it.... it just vibrates and you cant see anything... its not even very clear Travis
  15. silver04rs

    Supermoto School March 17, 18

    Bike rentals..... what would this add to teh cost of teh school? asuming I dont wreck a bike