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    actual pictures where to drill!???help

    I found it,duh! thanks sticky and thanks everyone
  2. searched here and kawi forums for actual pics of exactly WHERE I drill on my cvk34, 2007klx250. doing the jets,125 main,N1tc etc...drilled out slide vent no problem.but i dont know where to drill to turn the pilot screw out 2.5 turns and for the air fuel out too???theres nothing evident and i have the carb apart right now. already did the main needle 3rd clip. I Need pics!!! banghead:
  3. Dirt-Monger

    larger pilot ? should I???help

  4. ordering a 125,128,and132 jet from jetsrus,cheap prices, for my 07 klx250.i will eventually upgrade exhaust. I ride almost all year here in maine at or just above sea level.occaisionally up to the mountains,from what i gather it would be a good idea to up the pilot as well since i'll be pulling the carb anyways.i beleive the stock is a #35, how much bigger though and will it affect my summer ride?,it was 90 here tuesday.avg summer is 80's.i would think it will improve starting in late fall through october. and should i even bother with the pilot?#38 or 40?i'm assuming if i do get a larger pilot i will have to drill out for the fuel screw for best results and adjust?is this correct? Also,where can i get the adjustable needle online for my bike,i believe it is the N1TC from a klx300?
  5. Anyone have a service manual for this bike,havent picked one up yet,looking to find out stock stator output. Would like to put a set of small lights on either side of headlight, 55watts each,its marginal if the battery will maintain its charge. Anyone know? Talked to baja dsgns and they think its at least 100 where it has electric start,headlight,tail and turn,instrument panel too.thanks.
  6. cant find a front dual sport tire for my 2004 crf150,it takes a 70/100 19",found a rear one by kenda "trakmaster" D.O.T. in 90/100 16". Anyone know of an aggressive front street legal tire or a company that has a set?