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  1. Your right it's there now. That is weird, they must have been updating the website while I was looking at it.
  2. On KTM's website it looks to be listed under the EXC, the listing for the XC-Ws is gone...
  3. In looking on KTM's website, it looks like there is no XC-W in 2010.
  4. Is the new frame the same as the 2009 XC-W 400, or is it completely new?
  5. How are these bikes for single track riding?
  6. Doh! As far as swapping suspensions, you would have to at least respring and maybe even re-valve for the additional weight the wr450 carries. The front fork on the wr450 is, I believe, the previous generation YZ (2005) fork. However it can be made real plush for single track riding. I redid my sister's 2007 Wr250 with Moto Pro suspension and it rides like a couch, she loves it on rough trails. My 2006 YZ450 is also redone and it also works good, maybe slightly less plush. Really depends on what you are planning to ride on mainly. The rear shock I believe is the same, the YZ has a Ti spring and the WR a steel one and valved for application. Hope this helps.
  7. Where are you getting a 450 for $3899? Haven't seen them cheap around here...
  8. Which dealers are you referring to? I'm looking into a WR right now...
  9. Ahh. Well so much for the easy route. They need to rename those 4 wheelers something else.
  10. This one is for the YZs. Unless the website is wrong. http://www.trailtech.net/S-8500.html
  11. Any reason you didn't use the 100W kit from trail tech? Looks like a simpler mod...