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  1. flrglock

    Can I swap my 03 WR450 frame with an 06+?

    flat spot- sent you a PM regarding an 03 Street titled frame I have.
  2. flrglock

    03 WR450 Frame vs 05 Wr450 Frame

    does anyone have any other insight into this frame swap, other than recommending being deceitful??
  3. Have an ATV Plated 05 WR450, and 03 Wr450 Frame that is plated. Bare frame only no triple clamps or swingarm. Too difficult to get the ATV frame plated - thought it would be easier to swap to a plated frame.Held out for an 05 frame but got the 03 cheap. I'd like to transfer 100% of the parts from the 05 bike to the 03 Frame, since my 05 has <100 miles on it. I've already played the part number matching game. Most of the little parts like frame protectors , and the like match. P/N like clamp bearings match for the most part but not triple clamps or swing arm or subframe parts. Anyone have specific knowledge if this is a simple bolt over or if I need the swing arm and tripleclamps from the '03? Any help would be appreciated.
  4. flrglock

    99 300 exc fork swap

    Ditto here- I bought a 1999 380 EXC that had the same forks and also a spare set- When I went ot have them rebuilt and mentioned that I had a spare set, the suspension shop offered to buy them for what seemed like a very fair price, site unseen. I'd hold on to them, and get them looked at.
  5. flrglock

    YZ250 buy of the day!

    They're out there- you just have to be ready to jump on them- A friend of mine called me a couple of weeks ago and asked me if I wanted to buy his 2005 Yamaha WR450FT, Bone stock. I asked him what was wrong with it- I knew he had ridden it a few times- He said nothing other than stale gas, and 29.8 miles he had put on it since new. Still had the tire hairs on it and the "flashing of rubber skin" between the mold halves- you could see the red and yellow stipes that are on the tread of the rear tire. $3700 dollars later the bike was mine.
  6. Up until this weekend I was a D+- The only time I stood was to start my bike and get off of it. New rider, 46 and 310 lbs, on a KTM 380 EXC. Wentt over my first true sections of whoops yesterday on my tush, and didn't like it could fell the strain on my back- Most of my riding to date had been in meadows, and relatively flat single track woods. A friend riding with me told me to stand up- (something I stopped doing on my bicycles because I got tired of ripping out the threads on cheap cranks and pedals- What a difference standing was- it felt so much more under control. Except now my quads and ankles hurt instead of my back and a@#. D moving to B as the skill increases- got to learn to keep my size 13's from hitting the rear brake-or the shift lever- almost did my first endo due to hitting the rear brake, and downshifting unintentionally at the same time, when I stood.
  7. flrglock

    Any smokers using a rekulse clutch?

    Have one on my 99 380 EXC- Works great, come to a stop in second, and roll the power on, and wait for the front wheel to pop!! I have the clutch override and that is the ticket if you need to get it up on the pipe quickly.
  8. flrglock

    1983 DR500 Oil Fill Level?

    I recently purchased my first bike (yup) an 1983 Dr500D- (I'm 6' and weigh 305). Nice ride, lots of power. Anyway other than draining the crank and filling it with the known amount of 10W40 is there some sort of level indicating a full crankcase on an 1983 DR500? I even have the factory service manuals and there is no mention of a fill level just a fill amount? Any help would be appreciated. Edited....Never Mind- read the manual a little closer and found out about this little thing called a oil level window.... What a newbie.... HR