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  1. Barcia's finally at the big show in the 250's!!!!!!
  2. Supercross

    ^^^ Yup. What he said. ^^^
  3. How about the picture/caption section of the mag? It's always some dumb ass caption such as: "Ooohhh it looks like RV made a poopie fart" or "Ooohh it looks like the 30 second girl made a poopie fart" or when they want to get really funny, "Oooohhh is that blue steel, magnum or did someone make a poopie fart?" I used to be a subscriber but leaving that mag out on the coffee table got a little embarassing when "growed ups" would come over.
  4. 52 cents!? What are YOU bitching about?
  5. Nice shootin' Tex! HAHAHAHA!
  6. Ya know, they're pretty bad filling up a motorcycle, but have ya ever tried filling a car or truck with 'em? Out of 5 gallons, I end up with 3 in the tank and 2 on the ground.
  7. It's a.......
  8. My 04 Burbie is costing me just over 400 bucks to register. It's freaking 5 years old.
  9. That goes WAAAAAY beyond a "tattoo". That's more like a "tatthree". Simply amazing.
  10. looks like a tweeker with a china bike to me.
  11. I usually find a tree, fence, etc. Or i find a big rock to use as a stand. Most times though I just lean it against my buddy's bike that has a kickstand.
  12. People that drive cars:thumbsup:
  13. Puff x 2 - 1/2 = Pass:thumbsup: Well unless you're talking about cubic feet of inhalation In which case, Puff (cubed) x the square root of lung volume = Pass:p
  14. It looks like a clown puked on it. But for some reason, I like it:thumbsup:
  15. hahahaah!!! It's all Obama colored!