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  1. C333

    Official Rider Entry Lists - Glen Helen 2009

    Barcia's finally at the big show in the 250's!!!!!!
  2. C333

    Glen Helen Tickets

    ^^^ Yup. What he said. ^^^
  3. How about the picture/caption section of the mag? It's always some dumb ass caption such as: "Ooohhh it looks like RV made a poopie fart" or "Ooohh it looks like the 30 second girl made a poopie fart" or when they want to get really funny, "Oooohhh is that blue steel, magnum or did someone make a poopie fart?" I used to be a subscriber but leaving that mag out on the coffee table got a little embarassing when "growed ups" would come over.
  4. C333

    Anyone else going broke from the DMV?

    52 cents!? What are YOU bitching about?
  5. C333

    MORE Roosting Chris - lol

    Nice shootin' Tex! HAHAHAHA!
  6. C333

    Thank you CARB.

    Ya know, they're pretty bad filling up a motorcycle, but have ya ever tried filling a car or truck with 'em? Out of 5 gallons, I end up with 3 in the tank and 2 on the ground.
  7. C333

    what kind of bike is this

    It's a.......
  8. C333

    Anyone else going broke from the DMV?

    My 04 Burbie is costing me just over 400 bucks to register. It's freaking 5 years old.
  9. C333

    rate my tattoo

    That goes WAAAAAY beyond a "tattoo". That's more like a "tatthree". Simply amazing.
  10. C333

    what is this?

    looks like a tweeker with a china bike to me.
  11. I usually find a tree, fence, etc. Or i find a big rock to use as a stand. Most times though I just lean it against my buddy's bike that has a kickstand.
  12. C333

    Hail to the Trooper !!

    People that drive cars:thumbsup:
  13. C333

    Math question

    Puff x 2 - 1/2 = Pass:thumbsup: Well unless you're talking about cubic feet of inhalation In which case, Puff (cubed) x the square root of lung volume = Pass:p
  14. It looks like a clown puked on it. But for some reason, I like it:thumbsup:
  15. hahahaah!!! It's all Obama colored!