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  1. Colorado

    One of the better weekends this year - they did a great job this weekend. I agree that the quads tore it up though.
  2. Colorado

    Just hit it - twist the throttle.
  3. thank you - that was very helpful. I appreciate the time you took to do it!
  4. I read on another forum that "the smaller pilot jet cannot make enough of a vacum at that altitude to work well" I dont know if this is true but it is the only expination I can find that explains increasing pilot size at higher elevations.
  5. Thanks for the post. I am in Denver and I am trying to get the jetting correct at this altitude. The shops around here have also recommended a larger pilot jet (42 to 45). Do you you know why you would increase the size of the pilot jet when in theory you would want to decrease it?
  6. Fastway told me that they are coming out with a kit to let us lower the pegs here in a couple of weeks. Not sure if this is BS or not