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  1. If you're running a quiet core or power core on a 08 wr450f... Is the collar required with the OEM header ?
  2. Yzfracer

    Is Yamaha discontinuing the wr450f for 2019?

    They probably have so many 18 models leftover that they want to use up their inventory....
  3. Yzfracer

    Picture Tread! Where did you all ride this weekend?

    High lakes 116
  4. Yzfracer

    Let's see those WR's!

    What is the tank size that you're using? Does it also work good at protecting the radiators?
  5. Yzfracer

    Clarke 2.6 gas tank

    Anyone try running a 2.6 Clarke tank on a wr450f 07 thru 11 ? I know there made for the 06 thru 09 yz450f, but I think they share the same frames ?
  6. Yzfracer

    Upper Mad River Season Opener!

  7. Yzfracer

    Upper Mad River Season Opener!

    I thought you were the one on the bike!
  8. Yzfracer

    Upper Mad River Season Opener!

    You don't want to be slackin on that trail
  9. Yzfracer

    Upper Mad River Season Opener!

    Ouch! What trail is that ?
  10. Yzfracer

    Upper Mad River Season Opener!

    When is the area map gonna be updated to add Hiyu, shetipo, lost lake and Jimmy creek?
  11. Yzfracer

    Upper Mad River Season Opener!

    I liked south Tommy also... Great challenge going up Make sure you have some good coolant in your bike, Like Evans waterless coolant. Temp on my Voyager showed 280 degrees....
  12. Yzfracer

    Middle fork Teanaway (1393)

  13. Yzfracer

    Trail access off of i-90

    Was Granite Creek Trail once open to motorized?
  14. Yzfracer

    Devils Gulch conditions

    Upper Red Hill that connects to tronsen is closed. If you stay on lower red hill it connects to devils gulch, that is all open. Did you get to Red Hill from 5 mile Road ?