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  1. Blood Rock Halloween costumes are gonna be the next big thing đź‘€
  2. Anyone know how far the logging road is from 1265 to the 25 mile creek guard station? Nearby gas station from the guard station?
  3. How about Billy Creek 1416? All clear ?
  4. Is mad river trail still closed due to trail washout?
  5. How were the conditions? Any downed trees ?
  6. Yzfracer

    Mad River

    There's also a statement mentioning that they cleared part of South Tommy? I didn't see any saws in the video?
  7. Looking at the picture that shows the front of the rear fender. Are those wires already attached as shown in the stock configuration?
  8. Do you sell the battery box on Ebay?
  9. What size are those battery cables....? And where is a good place to get them? Thanks!
  10. What time did you guys get finished Bill ?
  11. How does the bike run with the stock ECU and the shortened throttle stop ? Does the shortened stop screw just cover the hole ?
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