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    TTR 110 Need Softer Shock Spring

    My kid’s TTR 110 rear shock is too stiff for him; he’s barely getting an inch of travel out of it (front forks are spot on for his 60 pounds). I can’t find either a softer spring for the stock shock, or an aftermarket shock with a spring that’s softer than the stock one- everything available has heavier than stock spring rates for adults. And apparently the Fox Float MXR doesn’t fit the TTR 110; I called the factory and the sales rep said the MXR isn’t long enough (unfortunate because I think an air shock would be the best solution). It’s frustrating Yamaha didn’t spend the extra $0.50 to equip the bike with a pre-load adjustable shock suitable for the weight ranges of kids. They offer an aftermarket heavy weight spring though. Great- by the time he’s ready for that he’ll be on a YZ. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Jim Kenna, the director or the Bureau of Land Management in Arizona, has been named the new director for California. Can you tell us Californians what we can expect from him as far as his friendliness or lack thereof towards off road riding? We’re in a serious fight with the BLM to get our best riding area, Clear Creek, reopened. We’ve uncovered some serious malfeasance with how the BLM went about justifying this closure (they skewed scientific data) which has led to a Congressional investigation by the House subcommittee that oversees the BLM- very serious. The timing of Kenna being brought in to replace the current director seems no coincidence. We’re wondering if he’s been a fair minded sort of guy who might admit their fault and reopen? Or is he an ends justify means environmentalist zealot?
  3. Tom McClintock is about to become Chairman of the House Subcommittee that oversees the Bureau of Land Management and Forest Service. We need riders who live in his district to contact him and ask him to direct his subcommittee to investigate the BLM’s closure of Clear Creek Management Area in San Benito County. The BLM closed Clear Creek to OHV sighting a danger from the dust from naturally occurring serpentine rock, claiming it’s as dangerous as automotive grade Asbestos. A Santa Cruz Police officer investigated the BLM’s claim using the Freedom of Information Act to obtain internal emails from the BLM. In those emails scientists from the Environmental Protection Agency tell the BLM that there tests showed there is No Danger to Off Road riders from the dust at Clear Creek. But the BLM went ahead and closed down this 70,000 acre riding area anyway. This should matter to you even if you never rode at Clear Creek. Why? Because Every Single riding area in California has concentrations of Serpentine Rock, it’s present in the soil of every County in this state (it’s so common they made it our official State Rock). In other words if the government is allowed to get away with using this bogus excuse to shut down riding at Clear Creek, they can use it to shut down your local riding area. That’s their plan. McClintock will put a stop to this nonsense, but he has to hear about it from those of you who live in his district. Please Help! Call his office about this. Write him. Ask for a meeting with his aid Ross Branch to discuss this.
  4. So Don it’s likely that control of the house is going to change hands. That means Tom McClintock becomes Chairman of the house subcommittee overseeing the BLM and Forest Service, which is good news since he’s pro OHV. Have you been in touch with him to discuss our land closure issues, i.e. Clear Creek? We need to get that issue scheduled for a hearing before his subcommittee.
  5. OLR

    Lucerne Vally accident.

    One of the crash survivors is going to be on the Doctor Phil show tonight.
  6. OLR

    McClintock Email reply!

    Do you guys realize that he is about to become the Chairman of National Parks, Forests, and Public Lands Subcommittee? He will be the top cop in charge of policing the BLM and Forest Service. Any of you who live in his district (CA 4th Congressional district) please send him an email asking him to investigate the activities of the Hollister BLM, who appear to have falsified test data to justify closing Clear Creek. A Santa Cruz police officer investigated this allegation and obtained internal emails using the freedom of information act, in which BLM management are discussing with EPA scientists that the EPA’s tests determined there was No Risk to off roaders from Asbestos, as the BLM has been claiming. The BLM went ahead and closed the 70,000 acre riding area anyway. Clearly an abuse of power reflecting the kind of “attitude” that soon to be Chairman McClintock finds so objectionable.
  7. Don, when are you and the Blue Ribbon Coalition going to do something about Clear Creek? The BLM’s field manager told an off roader yesterday that he made up his mind to implement “alternative E” of the usage plan which permanently bans OHV.
  8. OLR

    McClintock Goes After USFS

    Yeah he’s safe- he’ll be back. AND IF the republicans win control of the House November 2nd Tom McClintock will become CHAIRMAN of the House Subcommittee that oversees/regulates the Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management. He will have real power to rein in the radical environmentalists who have infiltrated and taken control of the USFS and BLM.
  9. OLR

    Amador's Picks for CA GOP Statewide Offices

    Those of you registered Republican OR Independent in Santa Clara County’s 15th congressional district should vote for Don Barich tomorrow to be the republican candidate for Congress. Don is a former moto cross racer and has come out in favor of Reopening Clear Creek for dirt bike riding (he learned about the governments’ bogus reasons for closing Clear Creek from our friend Don Amador). Check out Barich’s speech in front of 300 Moto protestors rallying in front of BLM headquarters to reopen Clear Creek. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Don-Barich-for-Congress/231332891290 Independents can vote for Republican candidates in Tuesday’s primary election by ASKING the poll worker for a Republican ballot. The Republican party allows Independents to vote for Repubs in their primary Tuesday. If we Moto Voters can get Don Barich elected tomorrow to face off against anti OHV incumbent Democratic Congressman Mike Honda in the November General Election, Don will make Reopening Clear Creek a campaign issue. This will make us 3,300,000 OHV owners in California a recognized political special interest group. We’re 13% of the adult population of California. That’s a huge voting bloc that can easily rival the radical environmentalists. The politicians will start catering to our land use needs.
  10. OLR

    thank the bos san benito county

    With the San Benito County board of supervisors now on record wanting Clear Creek management area reopened, it’s up to their congressman Sam Farr to get the federal bureau of land management who controls the property to reopen it. Keep in mind the board of supervisors has control over only the county roads that run through the park. The park itself is under the control of the federal government. So we need one of you who lives in Sam Farr’s district 17 to call him and find out from him if he supports reopening CCMA, and if so what is he going to do to make that happen, and how soon. District 17 includes Santa Cruz, Watsonville, Salinas, Hollister, all the way down past King City. Here's the map, and Sam Farr’s contact info- Please let us know what he has to say. http://www.govtrack.us/congress/findyourreps.xpd?state=CA&district=17
  11. OLR

    OHV artical in USA today

    What jumped out at me was that there are 10 Million off highway vehicles registered in the U.S. That could be one of the largest voting blocks in the country. We’re in an election year where every congressman is up for reelection, and one third of the senators. Just several hundred dirtbikers agreeing to vote for a given congressional candidate could be enough to get that person elected. That is power. Find a local candidate who will agree to help keep your favorite riding area open or get it reopened in exchange for your block of votes. I have done this myself with a guy running for congress in my district. Try it yourself- it works.
  12. Here is the link to the House of Representatives website, see the search function on top left hand corner of the page where you enter your zip code and it tells you what congressional district you’re in. http://www.house.gov/
  13. OLR

    Carnegie man dies in accident

    Poor little girl had to see that happen to her dad, it’s terrible to think about. Maybe a bungee cord stretched to one side of the bars would turn the wheels perpendicular and prevent runaway ATVs?
  14. I think they designate Independents as "Nonpartisan", and in California the republicans don't allow nonpartisan registered voters to vote in their primary elections (I believe the democrats do). So if you're an Independent/Nonpartisan or Democrat in the California 15th district and want to vote for Don Barich, you have to register as a republican by May 24 in order to vote for him the primary election on May 8. If you're already a registered republican in the 15th you don't have bother reregistering, just show up and vote on June 8th. When you vote in a primary, they give different ballots depending on your party affiliation. Your picking who's going to represent your party in the main election in November. I'll go find the link on the congressional website where you type in your zip code to find out what congressional district your in, and post it on this thread.
  15. He has to get elected in the June 8th republican primary in order to run against democrat Mike Honda in the general election in November. California has a closed primary ballot, meaning only members of the party get to vote to select their candidate. I've changed parties several times over the years in order to vote in the primary for a candidate I liked. You can change back and forth at will. Remember those of you in the CA 15th congressional district have get registered (or reregistered as republican) by May 24th to vote for Don in the primary on June 8th. Then with any luck its on to the general election in November.