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  1. charber

    Keep bronco in your thoughts

    Hey Bronco, Godspeed my friend. Keep your head down, spirits up, senses hightened, and your aim true. All you fellas over there are in our thoughts and prayers.
  2. charber

    My E to S transformation

    If u dont mind me asking i was just curious what a conversion from an E to a SM cost ive got a 2003 E that i was considering converting. ur bike looks great btw nice job
  3. charber

    New dirt rider again

    seems pretty high to me as well i bought a 2003 e-model in 2004 and i gave $3800 for it and it had several extras as well. just my 2cents
  4. charber

    Ocotillo Wells Trip

    Awesome pics thanks for sharing them and that does look excellent riding btw what make, model, and year bike did u get ur number plate off of? it looks great:applause:
  5. If ur a football fan u may appreciate this pic. no offense to the chargers fans
  6. charber

    not bike related, but.....

    no i never have, my wife is from australia and was talking to some of her friends back home and they posted that on some girly forum
  7. charber

    Before & after pics - thanks guys!

    great job! fixing urself successfully is always a good:applause: and cheap
  8. charber

    Video DRZ going 0-60mph (0-100km/h) in 4s

    that mitso was pretty sweet! pretty impressive as well. thanks for the video
  9. charber

    Did ya ever notice?

    ur right we did get some nasty ice storms but we got a day or two of above freezing temps and melted the ice just enough so i got my e out and did some doughnuts in the front yard
  10. charber

    not bike related, but.....

    let me try again not me or my truck. and my wifes truck hopefully this works a lil better lol
  11. charber

    not bike related, but.....

    damn what happened to that post
  12. charber

    not bike related, but.....

    very very nice work. i really like the audi very nice:worthy: however i do like fords as well here is some of my favorites. not me or my truck but very nice. this is my truck and my wifes truck. btw did you notice the trend? but really, really nice work on all ur cars
  13. charber

    Check out my Rack...

    nice rack lol! :ride:
  14. charber

    tntmo and drcrazy ride

    Hey guys awesome pics looked like a great ride would love to do something like that. I to am suffering from the midwest winter blues.
  15. charber

    hello snow

    i think we're do for another batch of snow by the end of the week which is ok its just the ice underneath that causes the probs if the drz wasnt so heavy i would go anyways ice or not