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  1. dirtmastermatt

    Flywheel Weight for an 05 yz250

    Man THEY ARE WORTH IT!!!! you want traction get it! I like the maxxis tires and my 13oz flywheel on my 94 yz250 helped a ton! And you can climb steep terrain easier, and start ups for me at least are much easier. The flywheel will also take the "hit" out of the power. The weight is designed to put ALL the power to the ground a.k.a better traction!
  2. dirtmastermatt

    Rad Valve worth it??

    I have a 1994 yamaha yz250 2 stroke. Its got a Turbine core 2 pipe on it and a steahly offroad Flywheel weight on it. Im looking for more power! Ive been reading up on the rad valves but I dont know anyone who can tell me if its worth it! If so does it hurt the low end power? what kind of power gains?
  3. dirtmastermatt


    I'd just go to your local honda dealer and ask them because I dont know. Im sure they arent much but they would know. Ok right back if you need anything or send me a private message. later
  4. dirtmastermatt


    Yea, no problem. Also these mods will get you VERY noticeable power gains but face it. A cr80 wont make power like a 125 or a 250. so just keep that in mind. The Quick Shot Accelerator Pump Cover is for 4 strokes I think. How it works is when you twist the throttle open it shoots fuel in so it feeds more fuel into the motor to give you more power. The stock unit only has 1 hole in it to pass fuel the Quick Shot Accelerator Pump Cover has 2. So more fuel means more power.
  5. dirtmastermatt


    Yes you should feel the difference. I think they are the same but they are a little bit different. Now if you decide to just change the reeds you will have to tune the carb a little bit. But the reeds and the power now or the blades will help you alot through out the power band.
  6. dirtmastermatt


    Yea no problem. I dont know about the shock. Thanks to the year there is a part that will increase your power a bit. Heres the link. http://www.rockymountainatv.com/typeDetail.do?navTitle=Intake%2FFuel&allVehParts=true&webCatId=16&webTypeId=80&navType=type that site will give you options for reeds and I recomend the Air power blades. That will snap open alot faster and flow alot more air into your engine which means more power! The Vforce reeds are ment for racing but you can do what you want with them. If you wanted alot more power, the throttle blade and the vforce reeds would be a good choice. You will make a bunch more power.
  7. dirtmastermatt


    I dont think your short fmf has a spark arrestor and no, they dont add power. Those are used for areas that require them to stop sparks from exiting the pipe to prevent fires. If anything they take away power. could you put up the year of your bike. The reeds will help you, and they will make that pipe work better. An engine is essentially an air pump. The better air goes out, the better you have to make air come in.
  8. dirtmastermatt


    If you want a boost id look into a pipe and silencer, that would make your motor last as long as if you left it stock. you would get more power with a good exhuast then you would with a set of reeds. Now what you could do for a bit more power if you still want reeds is look into a Vforce set of reeds or a rad valve. If you dont want any of those look into a stock cage set of high quality reeds. I use the FMF torque reeds and they do me just fine ,but Im lookin for a rad valve to pickup the top end alot.
  9. dirtmastermatt


    It shoudltn affect you at all. Do you mean parts wearing out normally, or they wear out with ur right hand? Now you can wear your motor out VERY fast if you put reeds in that allow over rev. Reeds shouldnt affect you its how you use the bike. What reeds did you have in mind?
  10. dirtmastermatt


    What bike do you have? That is not entirley true about the life of the motor. If you keep up on regular matinance on the bike you shouldnt have any problems.
  11. My 1989 YAMAHA YZ250 http://bikepics.com/members/maddmatt15/89yz250/
  12. dirtmastermatt

    07 yz 250 2 st carb problem?

    I would check your needle and seat maybe the needle fell out or isnt positioned correctly.