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  1. zracing

    Cabover shell mfgs ?

    Something like this: They are in San Diego but I think they will ship. www.callencamper.com
  2. zracing

    SD Adventure Riders Website Down?

    Maybe it came down with that new Hammer virus going around the boards???
  3. zracing

    Acerbis Supermotard Fender

    Thank you!!
  4. zracing

    Acerbis Supermotard Fender

    Which model fender is that? Does that fit the xr650r? Did you get it from that link? http://www.ktmcyclehutt.com/ktmstore/hardparts/ktm_front_fenders.htm I think that would look great on my xr and be functional also. Thanks for the input. Z.
  5. what time does everyone meet??
  6. It's a very hard decision. I have both. yz20 and xr650r.
  7. zracing

    Geo Metro Towing Dirtbike

    that guy in HI has his priorities right!! Yami on trailer, surfboard inside.
  8. zracing

    Monster Mountain on the 08 yz

    Looks like fun!!!!!
  9. zracing

    Excel SM Rims and Stock Hubs

    I just got a set of supermoto rims for my xr650r from factoryproracing. They are excel rims on stock oem humbs and they fit great!! Z.
  10. zracing

    Ride with Prosthetic arm

    that is amazing!!!!!!
  11. zracing

    Pics Of Your Rig

    1996 tacoma 4x4 v6 callen camper http://bp3.blogger.com/_HvEc-otEJ70/R1yOG4GKlNI/AAAAAAAAACQ/SBBd5LAUWXo/s1600/loadedup.jpg
  12. 1996 tacoma v6 4x4 176,000 miles
  13. zracing

    XR650R air filter cleaning

    No Toil for me No need for smelly solvants or gas.