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    Snowy Trail at Gorman,whats the deal?

    I just rode that trail down from the top of the mountain yesterday 10-25-2013! It's a very technically challenging trail, you have to be on your "A" game or you can get into some serious trouble. I consider myself a good rider with good technical skills, 5 years riding trials at upper intermediate level, so rocks etc are not a problem. I look for the black diamonds. This was probably the toughest trail I've been on, mainly because it goes on and on. I believe it's 19 miles from top to bottom. There are some pretty scary drop off's and a lot of loose rocks on the way down to the creek, the switch backs got me. I lost concentration for a spilt second and my rear tire went over the edge! The bike started to slip down the side of a steep drop off. I managed to haul the bike back on the trail with straps and brute force. Oh and by the way, never ride this on your own, my first mistake. I got the bike straight up and leaned it against a rock face while I retrieved my helmet. The trail was really narrow in this area so there was not a lot of room to lean the bike into the mountain, it was basically precariously vertical. Just as I picked up my helmet I turned to see the bike fall completely down and slide six feet down the mountain, both wheels pointing up!!! I was very fortunate that another solo rider who I met at the bottom of the creek decided to head back up the switch backs. I think his name was Greg, anyway, he was my guardian angel. We dragged the bike vertical and I managed to get the heck out of there. Apart from my mishap, it's a super cool trail and a lot of fun. I had some buddies riding the Enduro so I was rushing since I was running out of time, another mistake. You need to be in pretty good shape and allow plenty of time, take a lot of breaks to conserve your energy. Bring plenty of fluids. My two cents.