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  1. jolleyr

    Dungey ???

    He will for sure. Give him another race or two.
  2. jolleyr

    Stewart or Dungey?

    Ditto that!
  3. jolleyr

    Lite East predictions

    Maybe a rookie will take it this season? It could happen.
  4. jolleyr

    Dungey ???

    Let's hope it happens. It would sure stir the pot a little if he were to podium. We need some "underdogs" to podium to keep things interesting. I love the aggression this season. It's been epic for sure!
  5. jolleyr

    Stewart or Dungey?

    Don't get me wrong, I am enjoying it. It just lacked in comparison. Maybe it was a little over-stated on my part? I guess I am greedy when it comes to watching Supercross. Dungey needs to step it up a little more. I was really hoping to see him bang'n bars with Stewart and Poto every race. In the epic words of Ricky Bobby "if you aint first, you're last." "Second place is first loser." Maybe I'm just bugged with how poorly I am doing with my Fantasy picks this year???
  6. jolleyr

    Dungey ???

    Sadly, I don't think there is much hope for anyone this season if Stewart keeps it on two wheels. There are very few points separating 1st - 5th place. I would like to see the season end >>> VP 1st Canard 2nd Brayton 3rd I don't think there's a chance in hell it will happen though. Anyway about it, it will be a great year. I'm all ready chomping at the bit for Motocross Season to start. It's gonna be a bad azz season!
  7. jolleyr

    Stewart or Dungey?

    Nah, Stewart has this wrapped up as long as he keeps it on two wheels. No one can touch his speed. I think he is riding conservatively. He just needs consistent starts and finishes. I personally don't think Villopoto has anything for Stewart on a good day. However, Poto is the only competition this year for Stewart. Should be interesting to see how the point stack up. Did anyone else notice how boring Oakland was. I almost fell asleep. We need some more Los Angeles races this year.
  8. jolleyr

    Lite East predictions

    What about Malcom Stewart? It will be interesting to see if he can ride on his brother's reputation or not. He could be a sleeper???
  9. Still one more quanlifying practice to go. Looks like my picks are solid so far. Maybe I should have put REEDY in second instead of Dungey? I guess we'll see how the heat races stack up. I hope Dungey and Stewart race the same heat race. How bad azz would that be?
  10. jolleyr

    sounds like bubba is ready

    Everyone one is looking fast from the few clips there are on Youtube. i have only seen Bubba and Reed hit triple out that tight corner in the rythm section. Maybe it's a quad?? Everyone else is just doubling through the section. Looks like they are seat bouncing it pretty good to clear it. I wonder if shorty or Alessi will hit it on the 350. It's going to be a great race!!!!!!!
  11. jolleyr

    sounds like bubba is ready

    I think there is something to be said for how quiet it has been over at the Stewart Camp. Either James is going to dominate and wants to let his racing do the talking, or, he's not 100 percent and a little off pace. Anyway about it, unless he falls, he will be on the podium. As long as Blue is in on the podium in Anaheim, it's all good.
  12. Ok, here are mine. I wanted to play last year but never committed. Go easy on me guys 450s 7 Stewart 1 Dungey 41 Canard 7 Villapoto 22 Reed Fastest Qualifier: Stewart 250 Lites Winner:Roczen Good luck guys!!!! It's going to be a great season no matter who wins on race day. I just hope everyone races the whole season. I'm taking a leep of faith here. Hopefully Bubba get's it done. He has a big paycheck to back up and a lot of fans to please. I think he's comming out swinging and will crash out within the first 5 races. I hope I'm wrong!!!!!!!!
  13. Get a blue bike next time. That should take care of it.
  14. jolleyr

    Handlebars and Vibes - what works best

    Suspension?????? I have never had vibration issues with my bike after I had the suspension professional revalved and resprung. Not a super cheap fix. I guess it depends what terrain your are experiencing the problem on??
  15. jolleyr

    200+ lb riders?

    I'm 6'1" and about 270 with out gear. I ride an 03 WR450 that was revalved and resprung front and rear with Dez valving. I love it. Absolutely the best ride I have ever owned. The stock sticks work great if you have someone that knows what they're doing. I can hit anything my buddy can on his YZ 450 and don't get any of the arm pump. 3 stage valving makes a huge difference over stock!! Don't waste your time on YZ sticks.