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  1. I had this same problem. Then one day I measured from my swing arm bolt to the centre of my rear wheel bolt. Then I measured to each marking on my swing arm ( where the axle blocks go) and found out that the markings on my swing arm are not in the same spot on both sides. it wasn't out by much maybe 1 mil or so, but now when I adjust my chain I measure from the swing arm bolt to the wheel bolt and haven't had a problem since.
  2. You don't have to go fast or jump to get hurt!!!! All it takes is just falling off the wrong way in a corner, get bucked off in some braking bumps, catch a lump of dirt and wash out, it doesn't take much just landing the wrong way can brake bones.
  3. smoker1

    Tapping rear brake question...

    Try an easy pull clutch leaver. I got 1 and love it. It's got 2 holes for the clutch cable in the bottom and it makes a world of difference.
  4. Hey how do I get my pic in their on the vote. I've got a 1 of a kind!
  5. smoker1

    Middle finger on clutch?

    Well I use middle and index fingers depending on what I am doing. Corners I use middle, jumping I use both and on the rest of the track I use index. But I always have a finger on the clutch no matter what. Cause you never know when you need to use it.. If you find it hard to pull the clutch in or have small and short fingers get yourself an easy pull clutch lever. I have one and it takes no effort to pull it.
  6. smoker1

    Help With Lowsiding

    Don't do figure 8's!!!!!!!! Make a oval and practice going left for a day then the next day go right. This repetitiveness will give your muscles the memory they need. Repetition, repetition, repetition........... Start slow and just work on doing the skills properly. DON'T WORRY ABOUT BEING FAST AT IT!!!!!! As said once before "you need to slow down to go faster"
  7. smoker1

    Anything wrong with me?

    It looks good. All I'm going to say for now is just find yourself a spot away from everyone and make yourself a small circle. Make the turns sweeping alittle so you can hold 2nd gear about 1/4 to 3/8 throttle and make the straights just long enough you can grab 3rd really quick and then have to drop a gear in the corner. Give your self an afternoon of hard circles. This will give you the muscle memory for the track. Remember, 80% of your passing on the track will come from the corners. If you can corner properly you will be fast on the track. Good luck!!!
  8. smoker1

    proper form

    When riding in sand keep your weight back alittle to keep the front from diving in. Sit more to the out side of the bike and steer more with your out side knee. ( push on the tank with your knee and turn your toe out) the combo of the two will ensure you have ample weight on the out side peg. Finally in sand you can really lean the bike over and stay on the gas.
  9. smoker1

    Jump walk thru

    Hey did ya ever think that he or she was just practicing their techniques while in the air just in case one day they need those techniques. Not everone can be as good as you right off the bat. Remember when you were starting out!!
  10. smoker1

    Hey TT'ers!

    Hey Gary, I race in the Alberta old timers motocross league up in Edmonton Alberta Canada, and some of us racers were wondering if you knew anyone up in this part of the woods that could come out and show us some skills. We would like some help finding some one that has good teaching and riding skills. Thanks
  11. smoker1

    The Real Gary Semics - 1974????

    Yep I still got my old 1982 cr 250. What a machine. Before I bought my 04 cr I used to ride that wild machine everyday. I couldn't begin to tell u how many pistons i've put into it but it's alot. Even today I could go to the barn and 2 kick that old bitch and she will fire right up. I'll never get rid of it.
  12. smoker1

    Ready to Race MX! What now?

    well said. go and don't b afraid 2 ask questions. Most riders r happy to help someone new out. If someone does talk down to u or is arigent , just remember they were in your shoes once 2. As 4 gas just run the factory recomended octaine. And don't let anyone tell u that u need performance parts to make u go faster, cause most riders can'nt even handle a stock bike. Just go out and have fun and don't ride over your head.
  13. smoker1

    Gary - which video to buy for my 8 y/o

    I'm not Gary but I have all of Gary's dvd's and I think your son would benefit from all of the dvd's. U might want to watch them with him just in case he needs u to explain something to him , but Gary explains everything very good.
  14. smoker1

    Need Some Practice. Any tips?

    First, do u have any instructional videos? If not get 1. I use Gary Semics 2 day course. Then just find a large circle.( or make one in a field somewhere.) One that u can corner in 2nd and hit the straights in 3rd. This will get your ass off the seat and the use of all 5 controls at once. Then practice going one way for about 15 min or so then back the other way for 15 min. And just keep on going until it is natural. Once u feel u have it then try going around multiple corners.Remember it's not about speed it's about accuracy.
  15. smoker1

    help with a jump?

    Best to have just a steady throttle. Try not to blib. Just BRRRRRAAAAP. And stay neutral on the bike head over the bars. Try practicing on a jump that is slow speed but gets u up in the air, like a tunnel jump .Just practice hitting it in a neutral position and while in the air move your body around, like forward back side to side .This will give u a good idea as to what movement will do what to the bike and how much it will move around. Then while u r doing that practice JUST PULLING IN THE CLUTCH WITH OUT THE BRAKE !! Then once u start using the clutch without much effort, then just TAP the back brake and see how that feels. Then remember that u can hold the back brake on longer if need b. Also the longer u hold the back brake the more reving u will have to do to make sure the bike does not stall.