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  1. that great. I guess everyone has to believe in somthing. and remember peek hp numbers dont tell the whole story
  2. you know what they say dont believe anything you hear (in this case what you read) and only half of what you see ......their are not any 85cc based 30 plus hp motors if you can find 1 and prove it i will take all you have and you can name your price no problem
  3. i dont know where you have been dyno these bikes at but 33hp out of a cr103 is crazy that is more then a crf250r stock on our dyno and 2-3 less then a trx450r stock the highest ive seen out of any cr85 (105)is 21-23) and the best crf150r is 24hp stock bore and stroke (cam head hc piston) as far as the tq they have about the same 10-11 ft pounds the 150 has a better curve if you want to compare apples to apples check the base line of the bike or quad to other dynos you will be surprised of the diffrent numbers you will find
  4. hey RHC how much hp and trq are you seeing as a base line or what are the numbers for a complete untouched 04 crf250r thanks
  5. i have a brand new small wheel bike that i used for the motor only the bike has never been rode on at all as soon as i got the bike we took the moter off for a quad so i would be wiling to either sell it or trade you parts or chassis for chassis i will pm you my number let me know thanks
  6. we have dyno both set ups they are the same
  7. i have a crf150r need some more power would like to know where to go for cam head work piston and what ever else that would help numbers or web sites thanks
  8. i have a crf150r motor in a 325lbs 400ex quad chassis so far no problems (knock on wood)
  9. il and it is a stardard wheel i will call you on the price
  10. hey david g i have a brand new never ran 07 crf150r rolling chassis i used the motor for a quad let me know thanks
  11. we have had both by far the crf150r is the only way to go
  12. quincy il 217 224 1004 ask for jason they have 5 of them tnt action sport
  13. i have a crf150r motor on a 315 lbs quad chassis and have had no problems with the clutch
  14. sent you a pm
  15. i will sell it make me a offer thanks