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  1. gobes32

    what air filter oil HELP !

    I am deadly serious, my first reaction was "no way", but if you think about it there is no reason why not? (All aussies are stupid and i am proving it right now!)
  2. gobes32

    what air filter oil HELP !

    A magazine here in Australia has recommended canola oil....(***?) Has anyone used this?
  3. gobes32


    I am sorry if i offended anyone. I honestly believe if you look after a bike like the guy said he will, then it doesn't matter what bike he buys. I was asking myself the same question as this fellow and i ended up buying a '02 426. If you want my honest opinion and you want me to get off the fence, then go the Yamaha.
  4. gobes32


    I would be of the opinion that all the 450's from the big 4 japanese manufacturers would be reliable so long as you provide preventative maintenance. Yamaha's seem to be more idiot proof as in novice riders can really abuse them before a valve goes etc. But if you plan to look after the bike like you just stated then I don't think you can go wrong with any of the choices.
  5. gobes32

    2 stroke vs 4 stroke comparison

    When will people learn............. Different strokes for different folks. Two stroke owners think they are the best, four stroke owners likewise. Can't we all just get along?
  6. gobes32

    So much power!!!!!!

    I generally never stall in corners mainly it's a problem of keeping the right wrist in check and making sure the bike doesn't go left and i go right!!!!! I have found that the modern four stroke dirt bikes are a lot easier to learn how to ride on than a two stroke. The power is a lot smoother and you don't sit there waiting for the ' power hit '. Give me a few more months and i think i will be writing about how i cleared my first triple, the bike just gives me so much confidence.
  7. Hi guys, I tried to find this manual in the forum but the link no longer works, I presume '01 & '02 manuals are almost the same. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks.
  8. gobes32

    So much power!!!!!!

    After about three hours of riding spread out over the week, I am finding myself a bit more game to rev the bike out. It is still too much power for the way that i ride but am hoping to get better as i ride the bike more. Have even found myself getting a bit of air on the smaller jumps but corners are still a struggle. Can't find the confidence to turn the bike quickly but i am sure that will come with more hours on the bike.
  9. gobes32

    So much power!!!!!!

    Just wondering how many people were amazed by the power of a four stroke YZ when they first rode one. My first big bike was a 83 XR 250 and it was 7 years before i bought another bike which was last week. I purchased a 2002 426 and i have to admit the power is amazing. So much TORQUE!!!!! Whereas on the XR i used to rev the guts out of it, the YZ scares the crap out of me. I now realize why people told me to buy a 250f he he. How do you guys handle the power? I go around a berm in 3rd and give a little bit of throttle on the way out and next thing the back wheel is spinning and the front wheel is in the air............YEEEE HAAAA. I just had my third ride today and i am starting to gather more confidence but my goodness, what a bike!
  10. gobes32

    How do you keep your bike clean?

    Is there anywhere on the motor you don't want water to get into?
  11. Just wondering how you guys break in your boots. Just bought my first pair and was surprised how stiff they were.
  12. gobes32

    Quad question (don't shoot!)

    I would go with the yamaha that she rode.
  13. gobes32

    valve adj. for 06 450

    Surely someone has had valve troubles? Yamaha's aren't perfect are they?
  14. gobes32

    auto decompression cam for 426

    This may be a stupid question so pardon my ignorance but what is the difference between a hotcam and the oem 450 cam? I presume they both give you auto de-compress? This is all very interesting because i just bought a '02 426 and as such am still getting the feel for 1/8th off t.d.c. Nothing like getting half way through a kick start and being stopped half way ending with a bruised foot.