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  1. AussieDevo

    Supermoto boots?

    There was a million and one places to buy the Oxtar SM boots in the States when I bought mine. I like the look of the Sidi's and Gaerne's too. Gaerne here: http://www.motostrano.com/motocrossboots.html
  2. AussieDevo

    Dirt Rider - New to SM

    I think the KTM640/625/690 and the SM610 also partly fall into your first category. They are damn near as reliable as a DRZ poo-cart, but are so much more. Except for the price and for learner riders, the DRZ/XR400 doesn't do it for me. It's not just about power either. Take a DRZ to a supermoto track, and you'll very quickly find the suspension and brakes leave a lot to be desired.... yes, even compared to an old 640SM. Right now, for a street bike, I would get a 690.
  3. G'day guys. I've tracked down the manual for what appears to be the same WP fork in my 07 525EXC, and I'm looking to change the springs. A couple of quick questions... I don't have the specific clamp noted in the manual. Can I leave the fork held in position with the bottom triple clamp for the duration of the process? (Wheel removed of course) Am I likely to introduce air into some nook or cranny, that will cause me grief? Is there anything that I'm likely to stuff up in what seems to be a very simple process? I ask mainly because my replacement springs are arriving tomorrow, and I've got a track day on the day after, and a race the day after that. I'd love to install the heavier springs and get them sorted for the weekend, but will leave it for later if there's a chance my bike will still be in bits! For those interested in these sorts of things, I'm putting in .52 weight springs for a supermoto bike w/ 100kg (in gear) rider. I hope that's about right, I'm just working on advice. Many thanks for the advice.
  4. AussieDevo

    WR250 vs WR450?

    Depends how you get your fun around town. I've got a 525 tarded and was surprised by how gutless it feels on the street. The tarmac really tames a bike down. You will still have a blast through the corners, but would be disapointed with any street work you have to do above 40mph.
  5. AussieDevo

    EXC speedo magnet for 320mm disc

    The 525 is fantastic. That is all there is to say. I'm really happy with it. Having trouble finding a decent little magnet. Might just buy the overpriced Austrian one.
  6. Here's my baby (an 07 525EXC) as a motard. Fantastic! What does everyone else do to get their speedo working again? The EXC has a small sensor which picks up a magnet on the standard disc. The 320mm disc does not have this magnet. I will be changing the wheels back and forth and would rather not have to add the magnet to the list of things to change over. More importantly, I would rather not have to drill my 320mm disc to take the magnet. Can I just glue any old magnet there?