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  1. NW WR250

    WR250F: Good bike for dad?

    I have a wr250f and love it. if you get it and if you feel that it doesnt have enough power just add some hotcams or get a 290 kit
  2. NW WR250

    WR250 and wheelies?

    I have all the free mods on my 06 and can pull it up in second but not in third. I want to get some hotcams for some more power anyone notice a big diff after they installed them ( I knoe that the stock wr cams are diff then the yz ones so my guess would be that hotcams would make a big diff for a wr)
  3. ive been wanting to go to a track but have not yet cause i havnt done much jumping yet but its good to hear you were doing good by the end of the day
  4. NW WR250

    Who has the best lookin wr!

    wow must be nice to be able to keep it without scuffs on the plastics. where I ride the trails are so tight and technical it wouldnt last long
  5. NW WR250

    Picture of me testing my forks

    oil what are you talking about it looks like you have helium in your forks. j/k thats an awesome picture though
  6. NW WR250

    topped out my bike!!!

    85 on my 06 wr 250f all stock except the free mods
  7. NW WR250


    its on the left side and the head of the screw is on the bottom you cant see it you have to feel for it unless you take the carb off wich might be a good idea so you can go ahead and re jet wich is almost a must. I would put an air fuel mix screw in to fine tune the jetting.
  8. NW WR250

    The Engine I am design for PTC competition

    I had cad in high schoole, the pics look good
  9. I had a lady in a benz drift into my lane on the highway and needless to say my boot print was in her driver side door. if they get close enough for me to kick them I do
  10. NW WR250

    WR Carb Problem

    you dont have to take your carb off to adjust the needle just loosen the air boots and the top of your carb to the right side of your bike
  11. do it yourself its easy
  12. NW WR250

    desert 100

    This Will Be My First Time Doing The Race Also
  13. I have a freind that had the same thing happen he was a pro racer and didnt have the money for medical insurance. we did alot of car wash,s for him if your buddy would like to contact him to talk about workouts ( he uses what is what I think they call an e stem bike that sends an electrical impulse to your mucles to make the move they also have something like that for arms as well )and medications let me knoe he would be more then happy to help out. oh ya you can get a playstation 2 controler that you operate with your mouth also.
  14. NW WR250

    Where To Ride In Wa.

    sounds good. Im open next weekend butam gone the weekend of the 14th of april for the desert 100 race.
  15. NW WR250

    Where To Ride In Wa.

    I just started rideing last july and before I bought my bike I had only ridden on one once and since Ive gotten the bike walker is the only place Ive been rideing except for going to mosses lake once. rideing at walker will make you a good rider just dont go too fast on the gravel roads people die there from doing that and cause they will give you a speeding ticket if they catch you goin over 20. it will be tough to ride the trails but you will learn quick and love them.