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  1. New setting in fork that suits me even better! Base 24.1.7 22.1 21.1 20.1 18.1 17.1 16.1 15.1 14.1 12.1 9,5.1 16.25 Mid 18.116.1 14.112.1 16.15 12.1
  2. That fork config is good! Mine is similar but i have 18.1 on midvalve as bleed an one more 24.1 on the basevalve. 0.46 springs and 110mm oil level. I have now ordered a 2016 450! it will arrive in beginning of sept, i hope!!
  3. Great day for bike riding, good weather around 20 degrees celsius and cloudy. The track today offered a wide mix of terrain: stones, roots, sand and a scary set of whoops! To make a long story short: the setting i have in the shock now is a good all around setting!! I settled with the clickers 12 out on rebound. 14 out on LS Comp and 2 full turns out on HS Comp. I had a few guys test my bike and all of them gave positive feedback (2 KTM guys and 1 Yamaha guy) I have also modified the fork to match the shock off course. So thanks again KBRPKENNY for the stacks! I have ridden KTM since 2003 and up to 2015 and i cannot say that i miss KTM right now! Don´t get me wrong; KTM is GREAT bikes and i love them! But Sherco is GREAT too!
  4. Been out testing that set up you had with a small addition after the 28 on comp stack i added: one 24*0,25 and one 18*0,3 instead of 17*0,3 And on the rebound side i added after the 26*0,2 one 25*0,25 one 22*0,2 one 22*0,15 and one 20*0,25 Reb 18/03 20/02 22/015 22/02 25/025 26/02 28/02 30/02 20/015 32/02(3) Comp 40/02(7) 26/015 38/025 36/025 34/025 30/025 28/025 24/025 18/03 17/03 the verdict is: good. quiet similar to my set up in feel but it had less high speed dampening, or softer, which is good! I wanted less "spike" and calmer action as the bike is light and almost have the feeling of a 2 stroke to me. It is a 2015 300 sef-r factory edition by the way The track i tested on is a fast track with lots of whoops and high speed straights. mostly 3rd 4th 5th gear I shall test it to morrow on a track that has a lot of stones and roots. Ill get back on a update later. I have been looking for bent linkage bolts but i have not found any yet!
  5. Thanks for the input and stacks! I am at 90 kg and have a 5.7 spring whit the stacks i added in my previous post. it is ok for the most part, but i shall test your stacks and see what happens. I have only 20hrs on the bike and have not tested any other stack configurations yet. Ill get back with a resume. Thanks again!
  6. does anyone have experience with modified suspension on this bike ? What do you think about the suspension ? I think it is generally good but seems to be a bit aggressive in the linkage, too progressive towards the end maybe.
  7. I have checked the nut on both base and mid valve, no problem there. Now i have to ride it for some hours to see if the problem comes back. (i hope not) It must be the oil? Can anyone confirm that? Maby i must have to live with the frequent oil changes! Thanks!
  8. Yes i have pull the fork apart totaly, everything seems ok. The bike is a yamaha yzf 250f -08 but i have spoken to a friend that have a honda 450f -06 and he noticed the same thing, and we are using different oils in the forks, he has maxima 5 an i have. I ride mostly enduro and cross country style terrain and i am pretty fast. Maby it is the oil that faint that fast but it should be more common (the problem) in that case? BTW the oil looks clean and clear when i change it. Thanks!
  9. What causes this: Going through whoops and it feels like the rebound is gone plus the fork makes a "clank" sound. I open the fork and change the oil and the problem seems gone. 5-10hrs later its the same story again. I am pulling the fork apart again, pumping the rod and it feels smooth. Change the oil again, now 7hrs later its back! ?!?! does the oil break down that fast or is it something else? Is it typical syndromes when a oil gets bad? It just happens to my TC fork not my OC fork. Thanks
  10. I have now some hours on the bike and with the suspension broken in and with the mods i have done i am satisfied! Forks: The mods i mention in the beginning. Shock: Moved 3 of the 40 shims to the bottom. Moved the 32 to the bottom. 190cm long and weight 90kg. Rides 80% Enduro. Mid+ A rider. Thanks for the help guys! doc
  11. hm?

    Thank you verry much for the helping replyes! I have now assembled my shock with some shim shuffeling and ill get back to you when i am done testing. Later. /da_doc
  12. hm?

    I have now put a bigger pic in my first post. I have had some honda shocks apart but mostly WP stuff and i have never encounted this 'peening'. It looks as it is some kind of..sleeve. what shall i do? just grind it off? Thanks. /da_doc
  13. hm?

    its the shock shaft from my yama 2008. there is no threads, it looks lika a big washer on top of the nut. i can put the picture with bigger resolution when i get home.
  14. hm?

    1:st time i have seen this one... Shal i grind the thick (!) 'washer' over the nut to get the shim and the valve and stuff of? Thanks!
  15. Went out riding today with the mods i mention in the previous post, it wasn't even half bad! It actually felt good! Soaked the stones and the root with ease and yet took some pretty narly whoops without much of a complain. I have not done anything with the shock so far, so i cannot say anything about the suspension package quiet yet but i intend when i am done. I also intend to ride a little more enduro in the future so i am setting the suspension with that in mind. I must tell you about some things that happened on the track today that maked me think that i got things right with the valving. 3:rd gear through a left sweeper into a sandy whoop section screaming it all the way through, into a tree tight section with alot of roots AND stones and i felt so 'light footed' through that section and just gave me inspiration to push it...and i did...it tracked straight and ate the terrain all day! It was FUN! Man, that little yammi runs fine! i love it already! Thanks everyone who leave any contribution to the forum. /da_doc