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  1. Halen

    250r cam

    You will not get the benefit out of doing the cam change without doing the pink wire. Cutting the air box and doing the jetting will make the bike run more like the 'R' which is what you are after by changing the cam... No? later... Van
  2. Halen

    crf250x exhaust jetting

    JD all the way... He takes a lot of pride in what he does so he has my vote. I agree with all those that say you have to re-jet when changing a pipe or air flow. These bikes are 'set up' to meet the heavy regulations of emissions. If you change one of the variables there is a great chance you will change the performance. Open the airbox... install the JD kit (which also comes with the ACP mod o-rings) and slap on a pipe... You will be VERY happy.. later... Van
  3. Halen

    Cutting Air box/ J D jet kit

    If you have the airbox open... and you are using a slip on exhaust... I would run a 162 or 165, that is if you are running the upgraded needle? later... Van
  4. Halen

    Takes forever to hit rev limiter in upper gears

    How do you know you are not hitting the rev limiter? Pull the pink wire out of the circuit and see if you don't get a little more 'revs' I don't think jetting would have anything to do with why the bike will not 'run out' of 4th or 5th gear... it would seem to me that if the bike was topping out in those gears, you are hitting the rev limiter? jmho... later... Van
  5. Halen

    best year for crf 250x

    I think I had work done by the other guy and it was an awesome job? Just my $0.02
  6. Halen

    2006 250X best cam for woods?

    You won't 'loose' anything from stock by using the Hotcams stage 1. You will only gain in the bottom to mid range... I have a stage 1... ride trails, logging roads, a bit of open roads as well. I absolutley love it... the bike is a monster. later... Van
  7. Halen

    New 2007 CRF250x Won't start

    That's exactly what happened to mine when the valves went. I know you said you just re-did them but I would check the clearances to make sure. later... Van
  8. Halen


    Timing? later... Van
  9. Halen

    Front disc brake guard - remove?

    Took mine off and went with the Flatland racing guards front and rear. You should have 'something' on there. later... Van
  10. Halen

    bike has started running weird

    What year of bike? Valves been done? later... Van
  11. Halen

    Sorry, need some jetting help

    Park your bike's front tire against a wall... in second gear slowly let the clutch out... it should stall pretty quick... if it still runs your clutch is done. I am running a 45-165, HC stage1, air box, AP, and pipe mods... My bike even pops in third gear!!! later... Van
  12. Halen

    Slip-on muffler

    I have the FMF powercore Ti... love the grunt, did well for some power, good range... JMHO. Later... Van
  13. Halen

    Trying to fine tune carb after mods

    Have you adjusted/replaced the fuel screw at all. If not, twist it in and seat it, then back it out two full turns. Start there and adjust by 1/4 in or out. later... Van
  14. a helpful hint about cutting the airbox... use a sharp utility knife. It tends not to leave 'filings' for the carb to suck in. Buy the JD jetting kit. It comes with the AP 'o-rings', needle, and the main and pilot jets you will need. Good luck! later... Van
  15. Halen

    jetting Q's

    Bogs usually come from being lean... Up you main to a 165 and do the AP mod, twist throttle and enjoy! later... Van