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  1. redox600

    TE250 Dual Sport - help me decide

    I have a 2010 TE250 and it is a great bike off road. But I would not want to ride it on road for more than a mile or so. With a 50 tooth rear sprocket you are really topped out at 50mph and that little motor probably isn't very happy to maintain that speed. I the bike has been ridden on road only I would think they have a 40 tooth rear sprocket which is not ideal for single track riding. This really isn't a road bike at all, but is fantastic through single track. What's the asking price?
  2. redox600

    Help! Bike won't stay running

    I had the fuel pump fail on my 2010 TE250 and replaced it with a brand new after market. With the new pump installed the bike would run for maybe 2 seconds and stop. After much swearing It turned out to be that the brand new fuel pump I had just installed was defective. It could not keep enough pressure in the system. So I got another new pump and it works just as it should.
  3. redox600

    08 TC 250 rebuild or part out ?

    Have you contacted Langs Offroad in Dorchester Ontario?
  4. Hey all, I was wondering what you "X Lite" owners have gotten in terms of mileage or hours before requiring a rebuild or having an engine failure? I have a 2010 TE250 that has been tamely trail ridden on single track and forest roads, never raced, and I have 125 hours on it. The valves have never moved and it doesn't use any oil yet. I have been told that they have weak bottom ends and rods and am now considering whether or not to do a complete rebuild before an engine failure. Thanks in advance.
  5. redox600

    2010 TE250 Rear Fender

    Hey all, I have recently bought a 2010 TE250 that is road legal. The rear fender is cracked and I am looking to get a new one that is the same as the stock rear, ie that holds the brake light , turn signals and licence plate. Does anyone know if there is an aftermarket company that makes these? I see UFO plastics makes a rear fender that comes with a LED brake light but not sure if it holds the signals as well... Thanks.