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  1. ill really have to look into this soda blast idea..sounds like a pretty legit wy to go about it but Ill try the oven cleaner first. I have a couple ideas of what ill do...just need time haha I did this because i always wanted to...saw the opportunity too(the burnt up frame at a junkyard)..and needed a senior project for my school. I used a wire wheel to clean the frame then laquer thinner to wipe it off and check. any ideas on how to shorten a wheel spacer without ruining it? -Nick-
  2. soda blast how? ill get to it guys, itll ge there haha and i guess i just meant as clean as i can gt it without going insane because im not sure it runs hahaha but now that i know it does and i have to wait...i need to find a good method haha phoenix though...i like it...it'll stick any other suggestions for little tricks or things to look out for? suggestions? -Nick-
  3. engine is as clean as i can get it without going insane haha any ideas??? im out of money for a little so it's on hold..what does everyone think...any ideas? price...i think 4800? no exactttt total...thats labor..parts..couple dumb tools.. -Nick-
  4. phoenix? hahaha why? and yeah guys ill for sure keep you updated. the price is wayyy higher then i expected...but im doing it right and im stuck with no help haha Still better than paying for a new one. i just ordered a couple things...ill finish the brakes, air system, carb, cooling, drive, suspension and wiring this weekend. as you see it i got it started haha this weekend ill be able to ride it, all bare bones haha
  5. does anyone have the bolt that goes through the dogbone of the linkage and frame? I really need one and i think buying a new one for 20$ is unreasonable, once i get that i can start throwing it together
  6. i contacted the company to see if they could send me new spacers, once i get them if they still dont work ill try cutting them down. i paid 900. idk if its a good deal, but the engine had 0 miles on it and the frame was good. just needed some love and it gave me a start. thanks everyone, i just hope it turns out good. -Nick-
  7. ahhh i see, thanks a ton man, would it be easier to get the axle then because these spacers are only for that rim? yano what i mean? -Nick-
  8. this is what im talking about... and this is it looking like a bike haha, i need a new linkage, im a dumb ass and ordered the wrong one...wasted time and paint but owell. live and learn.
  9. with these dna front rim and their spacers, my axle doesnt go all the way through. the thicker spacer is too long and keeps the axle from going all the way...how do i fix this? cant i just cut the spacer or do i have to buy a new one specially made? anyy help? -Nick-
  10. so with this front rim on using their spacers, the axle doesn't go all the way through, it hits on the one spacer, therefore i cant put the nut on. the stock spacers don't cover the wheel bearrings at all so they're out of the question. any way to fix this?
  11. haha im not davi millsaps...thatd be sweet if i was, but sadly i cant ride that good haha im making it street legal for my senior project, just as a summer ride and for some fun. the swingarm is new, the frame was tested, the forks were replaced. some stuff was beyond repair even after i tried to restore it. and no the lever didnt melt to the clamps hahaha looks like it, but theyre just laying on it. The story is a yamaha dealer caught fire with a bunch of 2007 yz250fs in a trailer something crazy, andddd i snagged what i could to start a build.
  12. started withhhh... then..... next... which is where she lays until i get the new bearrings pressed in, the stator wiring, some tires and piece some more stuff back on... what do you think? -Nick-
  13. can you guys give me some input on the build? i posted it in a slow section i guess, its my yz250f street build. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?p=9577683#post9577683 thanks, -Nick-
  14. well at this point i just need to get the bearrings pressed in and some tires. any suggestions on tires? and do you guys recommend having the bearrings done at a shop or try putting them in myself? swingarm, linkage and steering bearrings. All i need is a new stator for wiring, actually alllll the wiring plus the odds and ends for the lighting and legalization process, an exhaust, the plastics, the seat and some random pieces that im sure ill find once its started haha as for pics...here are a couple new ones.. if theres anything youre interested in ill post pics -Nick-