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  1. I found an 06 crf250 with 87 hours for 1700 with some gear.Its stock accept for racing suspension and dual spark arrestors. Do you guys think I should go for it? I would probably put stainless steel valves in it after reading about the valve problems
  2. What about an 04 cr250 with 20 hours on it for $1900?
  3. Thanks a lot!
  4. What years should i be looking at (trying to stay under $2300)
  5. Mainly Motocross
  6. So ive finally decided to get back into riding after almost 4 years. I used to ride an rm125 and did a lot of sand/woods riding and rode a little bit at the track for a little more than a year, but decided to stop. Now im looking to get back into it and hopefully start racing. im 20 and 6'3' and weigh 190. I was mainly looking at a 250f or 450f, but after reading a little ive been seeing that maybe starting on a 250 two stroke would be good. What do you guys think? any feedback would be greatly appreciated!!