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  1. Solamar

    Tire test???

    Possible alternative to slime - I converted my mtn bike to tubeless a few year back and tried a few different approaches to dealing with flats. One of the tubeless tire mfrs (Hutchinson) recomends using super glue (loctite 4850 specifically) to glue the hole back together. This worked good, but became a pita to find the hole - time consuming. Then I tried a product called "Stan's tire sealant". It's a liquid latex product that sloshes around the inside of your tire and immediately seals leaks. Works great and is not too much of a mess when changing tires, it just forms a milky residue that easily wipes off. http://stanstiresealant.com/ Should work great in tubeless moto tires:thumbsup:
  2. Solamar

    Looks like a boycott could be coming

    Baja could sure use some good news/PR right about now. Unfortunately, this aint it- "Gunmen broke into the house of Tecate police chief Juan Soriano in the early hours of the morning and shot him repeatedly in the face and torso as he slept in bed with his wife" So, sad... http://www.signonsandiego.com/news/mexico/tijuana/20071204-0953-mexico-drugs-.html
  3. Solamar

    B1000 course map out on GPS.

    Now thats a good tip:thumbsup: That 500 point issue has screwed me a few times:applause:
  4. Solamar


    I knew I didnt word that very well... Are there two different front MT18's available? One HD and the other not HD? The shop I order tires from has front MT18's in stock but they are not aware of a HD designation on them:excuseme:
  5. Solamar


    Is there a front Pirelli MT18 AND a MT18HD? Or are they one in the same? The tire shop I use doesnt know anything about a HD designation for the MT18
  6. Solamar

    Baja GPS Coordinates/Route Needed

    I'd highly recomend the LB maps "Baja Navigator". It is a GPS map of the entire peninsula with most trails, gas, etc. http://www.lbmaps.com/lb_baja.htm Well worth the $50. If your friend with the Garmin is pretty savvy with Mapsource (the garmin software) he can plot the entire route on LB maps and save it as a route to follow. Heres a screen shot of the area your talking about (of course as you zoom in the detail improves)
  7. Solamar

    Carjacked leaving TJ

    Thats excellent news! I just called my buddy (one of the three surfers) and he hadnt even heard this yet. I sure hope mex officials step up and make a big deal about this in an effort to slow the crimes down. On another note, more bad news from Baja - http://surfermag.com/features/onlineexclusives/baja-robbery-2/ Three surfers robbed at gunpoint, middle of the night, camped in there tents, at Cuatros Casas. Looks like avoiding TJ at night isnt the solution...
  8. Solamar

    Carjacked leaving TJ

    Fox 6 news coverage of one of the carjackings http://www.fox6.com/mediacenter/local.aspx?videoid=354814@video.fox6.com
  9. Solamar

    Carjacked leaving TJ

    I do not have personal proof of these two instances, but sounds like the mex crooks have been busy, similar MO - Both from http://www.bloodydecks.com "ON AUG 24 STEVEN STEELE A REAL ESTATE AGENT RESIDING IN ROSARITO BEACH, WAS DRIVING NORTH ON THE TOLL ROAD NEAR REAL DEL MAR AT ABOUT 5:30 AM. HE WAS STOPPED BY A FAKE POLICE CAR AND BLOCKED IN FRONT BY A SMALLER CAR. HE WAS BEATEN, ROBBED AT GUNPOINT AND THEY TOOK HIS LINCOLN NAVIGATOR . I CONFIRMED THIS STORY BY SPEAKING DIRECTLY WITH ANOTHER ROSARITO RE AGENT, WHO HAD FIRST HAND KNOWLEDGE." *****TRAVEL ALERT****** Well I've been traveling Baja all of my life and I've finally had to witness the worst... At 3:00am we had just crossed the Border at Tijuana, My buddy and myself in my F350 and two other guys in their small Chevy Pu. I was the lead car. Just as we were going up the steep hill along the border fence I noticed that the other truck was getting pulled over.. So I slowed at came to a stop just up the road. Seconds later a grey Ford Explorer No plates pulled in front of my truck. Two men quickly got out of the car guns drawn coming towards me...I quickly hit the gas and was able to get out of there..It seems that they chased us for a short time but never caught us.. We eventually got far enough away where we felt safe(kinda) and my phone rang.. My wife had the other guys on the phone and they were completly robbed all the way down to their wedding rings..Luckily they had family just blocks away and were safe and on the way to the border(without Truck)..
  10. Solamar

    Sticker for the kids

    It's kinda hit/miss, but search ebay for "sticker lot". You might find something worthwhile.
  11. Solamar

    Carjacked leaving TJ

    Excellent advice. Crime is everywhere, plenty of carjackings/murders in the states. The difference for me though is that when you are a victim in the states you can call a cop and be fairly certain they wont take advantage of you as well. My guess is that (at a minimum) the mex cops were providing cover for the criminals. My friends spent the ENTIRE day filing reports in Mexico. They were escorted by a legal liaison provided by the US that knew exactly what had to be done. There were many different offices spread from across Otay, TJ and right at the border crossing, sounds like without the liaison it could have taken weeks. Not only did the liaison know exactly where to go (often unmarked offices) but also got them front of the line privileges. The two trucks that were jacked had mex insurance and it looks like homeowners insurance WILL cover the personal property losses even in Mex (not the dirt bike though). I'll be interested to see how the mex insurance works out...
  12. Solamar

    Carjacked leaving TJ

    Johnny, I (fortunately) was not with them on this trip. My friend was still pretty freaked out when he was telling me the story, so details about getting back were a bit, freaky. Sounds like they walked a very short distance and found a cop, waiting. The cop told them that they needed to go to the main police station to file a report, but he wouldn’t take them there (he wasn’t a taxi). They told the cop that they had lost everything, ID, wallets, cash, phones, but one of the guys had an ATM card. The cop offered to drive them to an ATM machine and dumped them off in a very bad part of town near an ATM. They were certain they would be mugged as soon as they approached the ATM, but found a (female) cop and asked for help. They got cash and a taxi and almost got jacked again in the taxi... Bad night in TJ. They are getting help from a connection in the CHP, and sounds like they are getting an escorted trip to the Tijuana Ministerio Publico tomorrow to file an official report. I believe that is the equivalent to our district attorneys office.
  13. Solamar

    Carjacked leaving TJ

    Certainly a wake-up call for me, and I needed it. I (and many of my friends) have gotten too comfortable traveling South and have forgetten to "respect the beast". Would I drive through Compton at night, No. Would I drive through Compton at night with expensive motorcycles, cash in pocket, showing off wealth, Hell NO! But for some reason many of us seem to think this is perfectly normal through TJ, which is one of the worlds most dangerous cities (not top 10, but up there). Know when you are most statistically likely to be carjacked? Friday, at night. I'll still continue enjoying all that Baja has to offer, but my days of crossing the border in the middle of the night are over. Edit: Just found this list, Tijauna is #20, 3 of the top 20 are in Mexico. "According to interpol these were the 20 most dangerous cities in the world for crime in 2005" 1. Medellin, Colombia 2. Lagos, Nigeria 3. Cali, Colombia 4. Sao Paulo, Brazil 5. Cuidad Juarez, Mexico 6. Bogota, Colombia 7. Mexico City, Mexico 8. San Pedro Sula, Honduras 9. Johannesburg, South Africa 10. Kingston, Jamaica 11. Tegucigalpa, Honduras 12. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil 13. Pretoria, South Africa 14. San Salvador, El Salvador 15. Caracas, Venezula 16. Manilla, the Phillipines 17. Guatemala city, Guatemala 18. Recife, Brazil 19. Barranquilla, Colombia 20. Tijuana, Mexico
  14. Solamar

    Carjacked leaving TJ

    A close friend of mine left San Diego this morning for a 5 day trip kite surfing and riding at Pta San Carlos. He just called, glad to be alive, but two trucks, bike and all their gear is gone. He said around 4:45 this morning, as they were heading down the hill out of TJ towards the toll road a car with a blue strobe light pulled them over (his friend in the truck following pulled over as well). The guys stuck a gun to his head, dragged him out of the truck and walked him to the edge of a cliff and told him to kneal down. He was pleading for his life and the masked guy fired a shot in the air and left him. They all made it back across the border (thankfully) but arent sure what to do now. He was a Baja regular, speaks fluent spanish and will never head south of the border again... freaking horrible
  15. Solamar

    our own 2007 Baja Noobie!!

    That must have been a hell of a tough race, almost 50% of the bikes DNF'd. Looks like Bajboundmoto placed fairly well also:thumbsup: Congrats guys!