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  1. i was wondering if you could put a '95 xr 200 link on a 05 crf 150f and add some height???
  2. ooo thanks cause i rode my friends 450 and it had 1 and it was cool and i was just wonderign about it thanks 4 the explination man
  3. is it possible to put a hot start on my bike??? 05 150
  4. thanks
  5. yah i got pirelli tires and a twin air air filter and a powroll exaust thrust chamber...something liek that i dont rememebr what itrs called
  6. i want the most power i can poissibly get out of my bike....04 crf 150f im thinking an bbr rev box and a 175cc big bore kit from bbr what do u guys think??
  7. if i got some cr80/85 forks on would i need any mounting hardware
  8. no nothing else...i want some height im thinking about a link
  9. screw that then wat kind of forks would be the best option
  10. do u by any chance know if it will go on all good with the disk and wont screw up
  11. hey guys i was wondering if anyone knows if 2002 xr 200 forks would fit on a 05 crf 150f