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  1. Jformula

    YZ250F Bog

    I have the pump wired.
  2. Jformula

    YZ250F Bog

    Sorry, Yes I did that. The pilot screw is at 2.5. It seems to be the right setting. Will moving the needle clip change anything?
  3. Jformula

    YZ250F Bog

    no, I'll try that now
  4. Jformula

    YZ250F Bog

    It stays pretty constant. I had a JD jetting kit in the bike when it started but since have returned it to stock. Privious Settings JD Jet Kit 185 main stock opilot (42) tapered neddle Boyesen cover DrD exhaust Worked fine until 3 weeks ago Current Settings Jet 178 (stock) Pilot 48 Stock Needle DrD pipe Stock clip position (down 3) I installed the stock pipe with the current setting but there was no change.
  5. Jformula

    YZ250F Bog

    Yes, it will do it after 4 or 5 laps of racing. Approx 3 weeks ago my son noticed the bog while landing big jumps. Then it started doing it full time off of idle. I tried bump the idle up and it helps but does not eliminate the probblem. The bike is ridable but you have to roll the throttle.
  6. I have a 06 YZ250F, approx. 3 weeks ago the bike develop an off idle bog that will kill the motor. I live in MI. and the temp is dropping. I replaced the stock pilot (42) with a 48, cleaned the carb and check the pump diaphram but cannot clean up the bog. Any suggestions?