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  1. Friend of mine zip ties a 2 liter pop bottle to his chest protector on the back side. Looks super scary but he has been doing it for more years than Ive been riding with no issues... I had a big clear tank but ditched it as the kids got older. Gas went bad every winter. No issues in same bike with stock tank...
  2. Where should a dirtbike rider from Michigan plan to camp and ride in the Hatfield McCoy trail system in early April. We would be camping in a motorhome and all riders are on dirt bikes. Would like to stay in the area for three or four days of riding and camping. All suggestions will be welcomed.
  3. My fear is a possible cracked head. Don't know how else I could be getting little bits of coolent spitting out of there.
  4. I have two Wr 250's one is leaking coolent from a round port on the head above the exaust pipe. The other bike has a plug in the port. The plug arears to be soft like rubber. Feels like I can feel an air pulse coming out the whole with the coolent. Not much coolent but there is a spattering landing on the esaust pipe. What is the port I see? Looks like it leads to an exaust valve? Might it be a vent? How is the coolent getting out? Can I get another plug for it? It is located just above the exaust port on the front of the head. Any help will be appreciated! Thanks, Eric
  5. I saw that campground listed on the net and thought it looked promising, but sad to hear you can't ride from there. It sucks to pull camp to trailer to the trail. Looks like a few other private resorts offer RV camping. Do you know anything about them? Thanks again, Eric
  6. We are all on 2 wheelers, and will probably give it a try with just my son for the first trip there. What about campgrounds? Would like to park the motorhome in a campground. Any good suggestions? Thanks, Eric
  7. I want to ride Drumond Isl, but don't know the best way to do it. Have a motorhome and an enclosed bike trailer to camp with. Best to stay on the island? What campground would you recomend? I have never been there before. I am aware it is difficult terrain, should I leave my wife and daughter home on this trip or are there easier trail options for them also available?
  8. I am stil confused, it runs great until I really gas it. After that it will mis and pop at criuse speed. (40 to 55mph) If I take it easy getting up to speed it will run great all day long? HELP ME.....it's driving me crazy!
  9. I have and Edelbrock quicksilver carb on my DRZ. After heavy acceleration, the bike will miss at cruise spped/throttle. If I accelerate again it is fine until I let off to just maintain speed. I assume it is in the carb, but not sure. Dissasembled and cleaned, but no sign of dirt or anything else out of the ordinary. Anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions?
  10. AAA wil do theft only, however, you do need to have at least one car insured with AAA to get bike insurance. I am a AAA agent and would be happy to answer any insurance questions I can. Eric P.
  11. http://www.ama-d14.org/news.php?id=297 EP
  12. Looks like a tough learning curve. I believe our county cartographer uses Arcview as well.
  13. 2TrakR, If you don't mind me asking, what software are you using to create the trail maps? They look great, each with its own advantages. Thanks, Eric P.
  14. What a great adventure. Most riders will only talk about goingfor it! You did it, and will look back on it in the years to come and be glad you did. Eric P.
  15. Looks like the joys of riding are universal! Thanks for sharing your ide with thee world! EP