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  1. buckkillr8

    Oil change question for a noob!

    Did the Oring fall off the cap maybe?
  2. buckkillr8

    lighting issue

  3. buckkillr8

    CRF150F gearing and chain

    Well unless you haven't rode the bike at all, you're supposed to change the sprockets and all when changing the drive train. New sprockets on a old chain will wear the sprockets down faster.
  4. buckkillr8

    lighting issue

    OK talked to Ricky Stator and they said to send it back and they'll fix it. Seems that the stator has just gone bad. It's still under warranty too. Now for my dumbest question ever. Is there supposed to be oil in the left side case? When I pulled the left side off oil was on everything. I'm thinking that's right since the timing chain is right there to keep it oiled? Correct?
  5. buckkillr8

    lighting issue

    I'm wondering if it's still even covered though, as I don't see anything on the site about warrenties.
  6. buckkillr8

    lighting issue

    already did all that. The stator was measuring 15 volts at idle and then dropped when the bike was revved. Doesn't seem like it should be dropping when the power increases. Keep in mind the light and everything worked perfectly for a year.
  7. buckkillr8

    lighting issue

    bringing up a old thread here as I finally took the time ti stop riding and do some wiring testing. Today I hooked a good light straight up to the stator and nothing. So I assume the stator is bad. Two years and the ricky stator is shot? ***!!?? What can cause a stator to go bad?
  8. buckkillr8

    Compression Test

    Yeah I don't suspect anything will be out of spec. I was just gonna do one for the hell of it.
  9. buckkillr8

    Polisport MMX

    Anyone that has this light, are you able to change out the bulb? I noticed that the replacement bulb appeared to be the whole light that you replace instead of just a bulb. Is this correct? I'd like to pick one up but I want to be able to switch out the bulbs for higher wattage ones.
  10. buckkillr8

    no rim lock on CRF 150 F front tire?

    motion pro has one in Dennis kirk and such as well as here on the thumpertalk store. Just get the 1.40/1.60 rim lock.
  11. buckkillr8

    Compression Test

    Thanks for that explanation.
  12. buckkillr8

    Compression Test

    Yeah I know that, I was just wondering why they're saying "174 psi @1,000 RPM" what's the 1,000 RPM listed for it the thing ain't running?
  13. buckkillr8

    Compression Test

    This may be a stupid question but I thought I'd ask. I was looking in the manual and was reading up on doing a compression test. I notice that the spec for the 150F calls for 174 psi @ 1,000 rpm. How is this possible? To have rpm's the engine needs to be running, and during a compression check it obviously isn't doing that.
  14. buckkillr8

    YZ80 float specs

    A buddy of mine just picked up a 2001 yz80 and we're cleaning the carb for starters to get it running right. What should the float level be set at?
  15. buckkillr8

    How do you like the 428 chain/sprocket change?

    I just installed my second 428 set from renthal and never plan to go back to the stock 520. A 520 just doesn't belong on a bike this size.