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  1. deaddog500

    New to me SL350

    I have used gravel and a bit of fuel or water in the past. Shake the crap out of it..then shake it some more. Seems to work well. Then just use the tank sealant when your done and your as right as rain...TAKE THE PETCOCK OUT FIRST!!!
  2. deaddog500

    ***Best looking KTM contest***

    You guys want to see a sweet looking EXC 360, check out my garage! LOL Paid $475 for it....realy.
  3. deaddog500

    older Kawie shock swap?

    The shock is about 16.25" long C-C bolt holes..17" outside to outside extended. 11.62 C-C bolt, 13.25 outside to outside compressed..These are taken with the spring removed.
  4. deaddog500

    older Kawie shock swap?

    All of the standard suppliers have a new shock...but they want so much for them. I wouldn't mind spending a hundred$$ on a used shock if I knew it was a good shock. I think all of us have been burned on the E-bay "good as new" thing..so I am just chicken.
  5. deaddog500

    how fast is a cr500?

    I had one back in the late '80. They FEEL much bigger in the single tracks. But when you can open them up, HANG ON!! I now ride a KTM 360 and like it a lot more The sound of those bikes is intoxicating!
  6. deaddog500

    older Kawie shock swap?

    Hi guys, I gotta a question for you all. I have a 1982 KDX 250 with a junk rear shock. Pogo stick from hell to ride! Anyway, do any of you know what years or different model may interchange? Or maybee where I can find a replacement? I found one on E-bay for over $100..but I am hesitant as I bet it is just as bad as mine. And I don't want to spend $$ to have 2 of them! Mine has a bent rod, and junked piston. I don't think I can buy those parts...So I was thinking what else may interchange with it... Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Man! DD500
  7. deaddog500


    Cool! Thanks. I got the carb on the other day, but I can't get her to fire. She will pop once or twice, then that's it. Seems like it is not getting fuel. I unscrewed the bowl drain, and lots of fuel came out-so it is getting fuel. As a side note, the over fill is not dripping fuel...Which means the float is at least close. This was a good running bike, that just had some carb issues. Due to it's age, everyone recommended just updating the carb. I got the KLR carb on E-bay. I think tonight I will fit my TT500 carb on it and see if she will run then. I'll let you a know how it goes! Thanks!
  8. deaddog500


    I do have another question relative to this carb. I have 2 hose connectors that need to be delt with. 1) One is Top Center Front of carb. I think it's a vac. line to run, maybe the petcock...but I don't know for sure. If that's what it is, I will need to cap it. 2) the second is on the LEFT side of the carb, above and forward of fuel hook-up. It is a larger fitting, made of plastic. It is held in place by the same bracket that holds the fuel hook-up fitting. I think this is a vent, and should have a hose going to under the swing arm. Please let me know if I am way off base. Thanks!!
  9. deaddog500


    That's exactly what I did. Much easier than I thought it was going to be.
  10. deaddog500


    Yo bro! I put a new plug in her and took it for a ride with Stuart. I had to keep looking for him-he was on a 1980 something Honda 200 3wheeler-. Anyway, the new plug realy helped her out. The one we were riding with was kinda toast, but useable. Man that bike is insane!
  11. deaddog500


    Hi guys, I'm fitting a KLR650 carb onto an old thumper. I just discovered this choke issue. The carb came with a big hole where the choke is to screw in. I am having trouble finding the cable and fittings needed. I don't even know what all I am missing/ what is needed. Any suggestions?? Thanks!
  12. deaddog500

    Rid it

    sounds like maybe rear tooth count
  13. deaddog500

    Rid it

    116 MPH on a TT500?
  14. deaddog500

    big scratch in inner-fork tube

    Your brother that will lend you his back-up bike is your friend:ride: Dirty rotten no good 2smoker though. Hey: you can rip a big fart in front of him, and no one will ever know. But I do not think your brother could keep up with you anyway.
  15. deaddog500

    1996 Mxc 380

    you are correct. It is a 360