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  1. L-vie

    04' 450 exc pipe advice

    As Kenzo is saying. The muffler has little effect on power. IMO It will only give the illusion of more power with more sound. The stock muffler on a KTM is a performance item that produces an acceptable noise level. The only good reason to change the stock muffler is if you wanted to install a quieter muffler which may hurt performance a little. On a KTM your money is better spent somewhere else for performance. Big bore kit, carb. boring and jetting, head and cam work. You can move the power in the RPM range with different headers. Like the HT Racing Torque header. Most after market headers are going to move the power lower in the RPM range which is what you want for hill climbing and woods riding. Its not the best bang for the buck but it does make a difference. A good reason would be if your stock header gets damaged and need a replacement.
  2. I would say no with a 4 X 6 trailer. With a 4 X 8 it can be done with the center bike loaded backwards.
  3. Sorry to hear about your job situation. Been there. Kudos on your desire to try and do something on your own. I see this as a very tough and competitive market. Your Devol and Unabiker and EE that you can usually get under $100 to your top dog Bullet Proof Designs that will be $200+. You would need to be somewhere in between. Your guards look beefy and heavy. A lot of weight could be saved without loosing strength with lightning holes in the side plates. As you know that increases labor time and drives the final price up. Obvious features guards/braces need to have. Air flow. Most important. No matter how tough a guard is, if you cant ride without over heating all the time, the guard is useless. Strong. Need to withstand frontal and side impact. Keep them from bending or twisting or crushing. Light weight. This is a tough one. Puncher resistance. Keeping objects from stabbing through the front of the radiator. This is the number one reason I have seen that ends the riders day. I have seen plenty of bent rads. still allow you to keep riding. Allow OEM fan kit to mount. Very important in the 4st world. Allow for after market gas tanks. Allow for the shrouds to mount without modifying. Ease of installation and removal. Again, important for 4st for maintenance like valve adjustment. I'm sure there are other things I have missed. Good luck on your adventure. Do your homework and see if you can be competitive and still make a couple $'s. Good luck on the job front too.
  4. L-vie

    The Car!

    Car filter is a paper disposable filter. Motorcycle filter is a reusable filter that you can clean and re-oil. You can get reusable filters for your auto also but they are $50 and up.
  5. IMO, the 2.5 is too small for a 525. You need at least the 5.0 in the TurnTech. The 2.5 has been working fine on my 250 for over a year so far.
  6. L-vie

    turn tech upgrade

    Mainly the 04 is the one that came with the smaller battery box and the 4 series battery. All other years came with the larger box and the 5 series battery. The 7 series will also fit this box because it is actually 1mm smaller than the 5 series. The TurnTech should fit this box unless something has changed in the size of them now.
  7. With the caps removed, hold the rebound pin with some needle nose pliers and turn the pin CW until it engages the rebound knob. Then turn the rebound knob CCW to screw the pin completely into the cap. The pin should be fully retracted into each cap before reinstalling the cap. Be sure the cap is fully seated onto the damper rod and then run the spring guide up against the bottom of the cap to lock it in place. I fixed what I was trying to say. Hard to post from my phone. The rebound pin screw into the cap from the bottom turning it CW. Once it is screwed in far enough it will engage the actual rebound knob and then you turn the knob CCW to fully retract the pin. If the pin doesn't retract the same on both caps, then you know the issue is in the cap. You may need to remove the plasic rebound knob to see if something is broken. DO IT WITH THE CAP IN A PLASTIC BAG. There is 2 little ball bearings and springs that will come flying out when you remove the rebound knob. You don't want to loose them. Pain in the butt to put it back together also. The information may be on this site also. If you go to KTMTalk.com. At the top of the suspension forum, there is a Pinned Fork Component Thread that will have any and all the information you need for the OC forks. Page 2 about 1/2 way down covers the rebound knob thoroughly.
  8. I drive the NV2500 everyday as my work vehicle. It is built out for delivering copiers so it has the cage behind the front seats. Very little leg room because you have to move the seats forward so you can recline the seat just a little. Mine is the plain-jane version so if you get one, spend the extra money for the upgraded version. You don't realize how important electric windows and door locks are until you don't have them. I installed a back-up camera myself and is a must-have. Mine also came with the annoying back-up beeper. 2 of the 3 cargo lights have failed within the 1st month. My work bought this vehicle and I get to drive it for free so I have no problem living with it downfalls. It drives fine for a vehicle so big. Mine has the V6 with the 6 speed auto. The V6 loves to rev. The auto is constantly downshifting 1 or 2 gears everytime you try to speed up just a little. Then the engine is screaming. Revs out to around 6k RPM's. I find it hard to keep a constant speed on the interstate (no cruse control) with the trans shifting up and down all the time. It does have plenty of power but the gas mileage sucks. 12-14 MPG. I bet the V8 does just as good or better. It is basically a Titan truck that has been widen a little. It is definitely a unique looking vehicle. People are always breaking their necks trying to see what it is when I'm driving down the road. If I was looking for a van like this for my personal use, I would definitely consider it. It is easily $20K cheaper than the Sprinter/Mercedes version. From what I have heard, it should be more dependable and cheaper to be serviced.
  9. L-vie

    Longer Kickstand?

    As I posted earlier. BRAP offers bigger foot and extension with a bigger foot. Side Stand Extension Side Stand Pad
  10. L-vie

    Longer Kickstand?

    This is a common problem. The already short side stand (not a kick stand) really gets a lot of stress if you have more than 10mm of pre-load on the rear spring. 30mm or less of static sag will make the bike really lean over. The stock stands (bolt and/or tabs) have been known to break. You can get upgraded stands from TrailTech and ProBillet. At one time BRAP made an extension with a bigger foot for the stock stand.
  11. L-vie

    Battery won't hold a charge during a ride

    You can't compare the way a wet cell (OEM) battery is rated against the Litho batteries. From my understanding, even the Shoria is rated differently from how the TurnTech is rated even though they are basically the same.
  12. IMO, better to be too strong than too weak. Remember you are dealing with "weight transfer" when carrying a load. So it needs to support more than just the front tires of your bikes. When you have to slam on your brakes, most of the weight in the trailer will transferred to the front section of the trailer. You also need good solid anchor points for tie-downs if you go that route. The tongue looks a little too long but you will appreciate that extra length when you are backing the rig up. Also gives you space for future expansion or storage box. Trailers never seem to be big enough after you use them a few times. Just don't get carried away with adding too much tongue weight.
  13. They did have a frame/sub-frame change around that time that moved the mid-pipe mount around 1" but the change should be the same for the 450 EXC and 525 EXC. I don't know of anytime the two had different changes in the same year. If you were talking about between SX and EXC then yes there is a good chance there will be differences. The SX's usually got the changes a year before the EXC's. You might go to KTMTalk and study the Pinned Evolution of the RFS chassis and motor at the top of the RFS section.
  14. L-vie

    Music Video Thread

    I have posted mine throughout the years. I always have music in mine just because the sound sucks on the older non-HD GoPro. Here is the last one I did and there are others to view on my page also. They are pretty long with a lot of different songs. CLICK HERE to view.