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  1. flametrain

    crf white plastic's

    thank's for quick response. do you have ph. # by chance. i could not find them here. thanks again:thumbsup:
  2. flametrain

    crf white plastic's

    hello fellow crf 450x friends..wanting to turn the x into the white knight. can anyone help guide me into correct direction for white plastic's for 450 x. why is it so hard to find plastic's and graphic's still for these bikes..07 450x. thanks in advance..
  3. flametrain

    HotCam in my 650L

    hello there.. are you sure your cam chain is adjusted correctly...
  4. flametrain

    Timing Xr 200

    Hello guys, just got my 2002 xr 200 motor back together and need to set pulse generator timing. manual tells you to put timing light to top hole but oil spits out ? can i just do it by feel when running like i do w/ hot rod chevy? thanks in advance.. mike
  5. flametrain

    2007 crf x 450 cough off idle

    what's happenin' fella's..just did jd jet kit on buddy's 07 450x, 4th position, 165 main, air box mod, smog block off. how do we adjust mixture screw ? looked like ? type of screw..if rolls throttle feels great..upon snapping throttle has dead-flat spot initially but much better than it was before..j/d states no adj. needed on 07 ? what do we need.. thanks in advance.. mike and denis in santa barbara